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2nl 6max zoom Villian Capable Of Shoving Worse?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom Villian Capable Of Shoving Worse?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Again, I flat called pre flop here against an opponent who was stealing very often(stealing button 4/4. 32/31 over 37 hands),i could have 3bet for value but decided to keep a million worse hands in his range and felt like i could handle being out of position. The villian here though in the BB has stats of 8/5 3bet of 2% over 138 hands also they'd won 2/5 at showdown and a flop aggresion frequency of 57. I make my top pair on the flop and lead out for value to take the lead into two opponents,the bb then shoves which was pretty sick.ive seen this play many times and succesfully made calls against a weaker range of hands like draws and weaker TP, it often indicates a weaker type hand this line. But this villian is very nitty and i cant really see them getting out of line here,maybe panicking with a set,just not shaw weather this villian is capable of shoving with a flush draw here. Whatcha think? Thanks

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    Given that the other villain was very loose and you've indicated that you have some sort of good holding, I can easily see the BB villain shoving for value with an actual holding. It's not a very good idea normally but in the scenario you presented it sounds pretty believable. It's entirely possible that he's even going nuts with a hand like AK/AQ and even then you're still in bad shape. I wouldn't lose any sleep over folding here. umbup:


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      Hi Nashy,

      I'd look at the aggro's "fold to 3-bet resteal" stat when you have more hands on him, so you can work out whether there's more profit in 3-betting or calling, but flatting AJs is OK here as it flops fairly well against a loose range. Most of the time the ubernit will be folding his blind, but here he calls. His range is super-strong from the word go. I'd put him on AK and any pair in this spot.

      I don't like the donk bet on the flop, as it folds out a lot of worse hands that might have c-bet. While you'll get useful information if you get raised, I'd check to the pre-flop aggressor (the LAG) and let him bluff off some chips with a hand that rates to be somewhat worse than AJ.

      As played, you lead out and the nit makes a ridiculous overbet shove. I'm turbo-folding here, because most of the time the nit has a set or A9s/A2s, and the pot odds mean you have to be correct an extremely high proportion of the time.

      I have notes on a few players that take lines like this and it's crucial to take notes yourself if/when you get to see a showdown (whether you were in the pot or not) because it can be extremely costly to make a bad call here, but extremely profitable if you make a good one.

      Some nits ALWAYS shove the flop when they make a set, but are passive with draws. Some shove with flush draws, but slowplay sets. Since players are habitual, if you catch him making this play once with a set/FD, he'll keep doing it.

      So save the hero calls for situations where you have a strong read, and make a note if you get to see the nit's hand here.

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