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25NL 6-max zoom. I have AKo in bb and 3b a 4x open from the btn my cb gets called...

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  • 25NL 6-max zoom. I have AKo in bb and 3b a 4x open from the btn my cb gets called...


    I have AKo in bb and 3-bet a 4x open from btn and my c-bet gets called.

    No reads but the $1 open from the button @25NL got me confused normally I see a smaller steal. Then what range to call pre and then to call my c-bet on a flush board?

    On a blank turn I just changed the suit of one of my cards and made a bluff bet to fold out better. I'm assuming the villain puts me on a good range considering the action.

    Is this a >>sick bluff<< or any merit? Probably back of the class for me now after this one.

    PS. When I say "steal" AA or KTs will open from the btn maybe 50c-75c not actually stealing. But a big bet is sort of unusual?
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Mar 15, 2013, 08:54 AM. Reason: PS. Steal bets size same as normal from btn

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    Hi Forrest,

    The 4x open is bigger than normal, but without reads you can't really assign a meaning to it. In my experience the most common reasons are:

    1) It's that players normal raise size
    2) There is a loose fish being targeted, whom they think will call (stronger hand looking for value and isolation on the fish)
    3) They are looking to discourage action (If a "scared" player this usually means a strong hand afraid of being drawn out... if an aggro player, they have a weaker hand typically and don't want to get called often).

    I like your 3b and the flop continuation bet is fine. It's a pretty big c-bet size though and when the villain calls, I would suspect he has a lot of strong 1 pair hands and big flush draws in his range (as well as sometimes a made flush slow playing the flop).

    In light of that I think shoving 20 into 14 on a bluff is pretty -EV. I would want to have a read that the villain can lay down hands as strong as at least QQ - no diamond here because we need him to fold a bunch of better hands to make this play profitable. Some players can and some can't, without reads I assume they can't until I see different. You're definitely repping a strong range (mostly premium pairs) given the action, but some people just won't fold J's or Q's on a ten high board, they'll convince themselves you're semi-bluffing with AdKx to justify stacking off. Also, I think you're unnecessarily punting about $8-$10 here as a bet of $10-$12 should have roughly the same effect as a shove, he's either going to put the money in or fold... so if you are going to bluff and are caught, you save 32-40bb's, doing this just once every session would have a huge impact on your bottom line.
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