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5NL,FR - AA multiway OOP

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  • 5NL,FR - AA multiway OOP

    I think there is some value in c-betting (just from draws). Though on the turn, i should just give up and check-fold, since there are not many worse hands to call, right? All opponents were unknown.
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    Another line could be c/c turn, c/f river.

    Sets would have raised us on the flop, so his call makes us think his hand is a draw or some TP kind of hands, but I'm not sure I can see alot of T9, AT, QT, JT in his range without any stats.

    The turn fills one of his draws, but could also potentially give him a hand like TP+Draw something like QJ/KQ that floated flop or added equity to his hand with something like ATd.

    I think when we check two things could happen:
    1. He checks back, we b/f river
    2. He bets, we call, and c/f river

    Either way we are still getting information but less expensively compared to betting IMO.


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      Hi 3revos,

      Yuck! It's not often an UTG raise gets 3 callers. Pre-flop and flop is perfect. With so many callers, it's fairly likely one has a flush draw, so you made a nice bet for value and protection, and got heads up.

      From here, I think geo's analysis is spot on. While betting the turn is sound in that you can make a relatively easy fold when raised, the river could be very tricky if villain just calls, because you won't know if villain is slowplaying a flush, has a hand like top pair, or was still drawing.
      So I like checking the turn. We can call a small bet or fold to a big one (especially if villain is normally a passive player), and sometimes see the river for free, where we can bet-fold safe cards.
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