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AK all in preflop profitability

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  • AK all in preflop profitability

    Hey, im playing .10/.25 nl and was wondering how profitable it is to get it in with AK preflop. Seems like at best your facing QQ or JJ, sometimes AK and sometimes KK AA. A random fish might get it in with you with KQs but thats not so often. Any thoughts?

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    I'm not sure, but IMHO it's little bit...unefective. If I go pre-flop all-in, it's only with KK or AA. AK is a strong starting hand, but I would only play it by raising. Another factor is a pot size. As I said, AK is a strong starting hand. By playing it with pre-flop all-in your opponents will probably fold. This means very small pot you will win. Again, in my opinion it's better to play by raising (no small raises, but no big raises too). The right size of your bet can make your opponents call and you will have relatively big chances of winning a nice pot. umbup:


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      I don't play that high, so I'm not sure what typical villains' stack off ranges are up there. I think they also vary according to whether you play full ring (nittier, QQ+/AK) or 6max (looser), and how deep you are (I can 3-bet-fold KK for 150bb effective vs a passive player, so AK is an easy laydown in a similar spot).

      Do you have a tracker/HUD? You can use that to find out exactly how profitable AK is. It's likely that you're losing money on the occasions when your shove is called, because villains will have a pair or another AK fairly often (you have 40% equity vs JJ+/AK), so you also have to look at the times you 3-bet/4-bet and villain folds. Part of AK's value comes from fold equity. If 3-betting is insanely profitable, then keep doing it, but don't auto-3-bet AK and plan to stack off in every situation. Always ask yourself if you can get called by worse.
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