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25NL 6 max zoom. I 3b an utg open raise with KQs not crying about the flop

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  • 25NL 6 max zoom. I 3b an utg open raise with KQs not crying about the flop


    Thanks guys for your HA reviews I read them and asking for confirmation on my thought line here. Is there anything to think about?

    I'm thinking KQs is strong enough to 3b an utg open raise 6-max?

    Reads/range red = cash player 6-max never open limps / ATs+ maybe ATo, KJs+, KQo any pp.

    Now I'm thinking at 25NL - is this a tight perception of an utg open range here?

    Facing a donk lead and not crying about the flop as I flopped the 2nd nut flush I raise.

    Correct raise size? I'm only thinking of the Ace that will crush me and we stack off now (nice hand sir if he has the nut flush).

    Two cards to come and the villain was not quite a full stack to start with.

    In my math head if he 3b shoves over me on the flop and I call it's evens if he has the nut ace?

    Anyway no I just get called and an Ace comes on the turn.

    Sigh, not my nut Ace but if he had the nut draw now tptk with 1 pot size bet bet behind I >>just stick it in now<<.

    Should a worse hand have called to this action - tough fold for the villain?

    One hand made my day.
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Wed Mar 13, 2013, 07:25 AM. Reason: if he has the nut flush

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    Preflop I feel that KQs is at least good enough to coldcall even against an UTG open. It depends pretty much on the opener. The weaker you think he is the better flatting or 3-betting gets. If you feel he opens and flats wide ranges on most positions 3-betting becomes an attractive option.

    Rest of the hand is absolutely fine although I would size the flopraise way smaller to not discourage too much action. The pot is already big enough so you can get stacks in even if you raise barely more than the min here.
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