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10NL 6-max Zoom: 99 flat in co to a min open utg - STOP Super Nova in the sb...

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom: 99 flat in co to a min open utg - STOP Super Nova in the sb...

    Hi, Was I levelling myself against a Super Nova. I have 99 and flat in the co to a min open utg - STOP Super Nova in the sb over calls and donks a solid bet. I have a set on a T89r flop and raise his lead and get called. Check check down a flush came in on turn with an Ace on the river. I was betting for value with my set. Obviously "I thought" no one made a flush or an Ace rag made two pair and was good. This was so bad. My bet got raised on the river and I called. My avatar is a sly looking cat. And what killed the cat? Curiosity. Against a lucky Super Nova did I lose the minimum and play my hand correctly?

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    I would definitely have bet the turn for value against overpairs/straight draws/flush draws/two pairs. Of course you ran into the very top of his range so not much you can do there and you wound up keeping the pot small which ended up in your favour.
    I'm guessing the small river bet was to encourage him to bluff at it? If that was the idea I don't think it's exactly the worst play. His donk bet/call showed plenty of strength on the flop so we're obviously worrying about a better set or a straight rather than a flush, so it's probably a good way to extract value against two pairs/busted draws etc.

    All in all it was a cooler so well done on not losing much more


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      Hi Forrest,

      I like your preflop and flop line just fine. I'm completely in agreement with mimesis about the turn, why are we giving a free card? We should expect to almost always have the best hand in this spot, and there are so many worse hands that will call and give us action, particular 2 pair and pair+draws like JT, J9, even JJ. If we run into a straight we have 10 outs on the river. He could hold TT but has an equal chance of holding 88 so those are a wash.

      I think value betting the river is good, don't be results oriented... checking a set down all the way here would be pretty horrible. I too would bet larger for value, but don't mind a smaller bet to encourage JT and J9 type hands to play sheriff. With the small bet I think you have to call his river raise. I seriously doubt he's ever bluffing here but the small bet may induce a raise for value from 2 pairs or 88, so I would call it too... nothing to do with curiosity, given the price the math says we have to be good 22% of the time or more to make a profit on this call, and I think we will be given how this hand has played out.
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