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raising the flop???

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  • raising the flop???

    don't have any reads on both villains as have less then 30 hands on V2 n no hands on V3. was discussing this hand with some mates, talking about raising the flop instead of flatting and extracting more value. i flatted the flop and turn in case another spade showed up and i had to fold cos 4 high aint fantastic. decided to raise the river n jus call the re-raise, cos there might b a higher flush. passive/fishy line to take or shudda, cudda, wudda been a raise on the flop and/or river been a better line/action?
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    Hi wikked76,

    To be honest, I don't really like the pre-flop raise, unless you think the three players still to act are very tight, so you're just trying to steal the blinds. Without reads, I'm folding pre. 43s is such a weak hand that you'll almost always have to bluff post-flop. As played, though, if you make a flush using just 3 board cards, you have to go with it. If you're not prepared to get lots of money in when you make a monster hand, then you shouldn't be playing 43s in the first place.

    Villains are never going to put you 43s here when you make a standard c-bet, so you can go for 3 streets of value if they check to you. Oddly, the BB makes a small donkbet here. Often he'll have a draw with a big spade, and wants to keep the price of drawing small. You can't let someone draw out on you cheaply here, especially multiway.

    Look at it this way: Your hand is a made flush and it cannot improve. It can only get relatively worse, so you need to raise to protect your hand and get value from the hands you're currently beating.
    A spade on the turn will be a disaster for you, because it will mean that either someone else now has the best hand, or he's not going to give you any money because he's has no spades and is sure someone else has the flush.
    So I recommend raising the flop for big fat value, and betting/raise big on safe turn cards.

    This turn card is pretty good for you, because there's now 4 cards to a straight on board. If either of these players have a T, they'll have trouble folding it.

    Overall, a more aggressive post-flop line is required in this hand. I'd recommend you make bets and raises of close to pot for maximum protection and value. There are only 8 spades unaccounted for, so it's not likely that another will come. If a villain has the As, he's drawing to 7 outs. You've got to like getting your money in if villain has less than 20% equity.
    The trick here is to get your chips in when you're pretty sure you're ahead. Don't allow yourself to fall victim to a cheap suckout.
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      thanks arty, din wanna bloat the pot in case another spade showed up. but i do get yr pointumbup:
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