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2nl 6max zoom- Call or Raise for Value?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom- Call or Raise for Value?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, In this hand i have a pretty good sample on the main villian with whom i tangled with on the river. They have stats of 24/10 over 275 hands,they had bet 7 of 22 rivers and donk bet 1 of 2 rivers and won at showdown 50% 11/22. I think they're not really getting out of line very often but a little on the passive side. I checked my flush draw on the flop not really wanting to get check raised off my draw but also keeping opponents in, to possibly get value later. I made my flush on the turn and bet for value and get the one caller which is "dork411" the villian. Then on the river all of a sudden they are leading out big on the river.I found the bet sizing a little puzzling but still felt like this opponent isnt getting out of line here,but do i call or raise? After all i still have the second nuts here,i seriously considered flatting here and keeping any worse hands left in my opponents range,but as you can see decided to get the money in for value. Should i have just flat called here? in a spot that started 4 handed its quite possible they do have the nuts especially this villian,i just found the bet sizing strange plus there could be worse hands sometimesas i said i have 2nd nuts. Anyway Thanks Heaps again

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    Hey Nashy,

    I would start out with a bet OTF to build a pot since the draw is so strong and has so much equity. Betting can also fold out at least some better hands since it looks so much stronger into a field.

    As played I would definitely call the river but probably not consider raising too much given that he bet that big. There usually are a lot more nutflush combos out there than smaller flushes especially when you are blocking a lot of combos too.
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      [EDIT: I type too slowly. Felix beat me to this one].

      Hi Nashy,

      Thanks for all the information you provided. That always helps!

      Since you raised pre, I like a c-bet here. You have two overs and a good flush draw. You often have the best hand too. The blinds have checked and probably have weak hands that called pre with good pot odds. A c-bet of about 60% of pot should thin the field, allowing you to narrow the ranges of any callers if you get them. If you get check-raised, then you can look at the pot odds and see if you can call with your flush draw. By not c-betting, you allow the 3 villains to get a free card that might make a pair of aces or queens or something like that.

      As played, it gets checked through. You hit the flush and made a decent bet and get check-called by the small blind. He might just have the As, but his range of made hands consists of flushes, sets, straights and maybe two pairs.
      The river comes and villain donks out. Unless he's been know to overbet bluff with missed draws (e.g. the bare Ace of spades) he has a strong made hand here. I'd expect a flush most of the time.
      With the second nuts, I'd flat call here. Raising would fold out all the bluffs, but generally only get action from the nuts, unless this villain is getting crazy with a queen-high flush. (I can't see him stacking off with a 9-high or 8-high flush, which would be the next best hands).

      If he showed you the nut flush here, you were pretty unlucky, but I hope you made a note that he slowplays the turned nuts, but overbets the river with them, as he's likely to take a line like this next time.
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