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0.10NLHE_TT_Preflop Questions

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  • 0.10NLHE_TT_Preflop Questions

    I generally know how to play most pairs in most situations I think, but I'm always unsure about the upper-middle pairs. ie. 99-JJ and sometimes QQ. This is a good example of a situation that I'm not 100% on. UTG raiser is unknown, but this is the only hand he raised of 19 that I've seen (PR 6%). So first question, should I/can I 3bet here? It would be tough for me to fold TT here, should I? I chose to call since 3betting seemed a losing proposition, and folding TT really didn't seem like the right move either, especially to a min raise. Action folds around to the CO (Another unknown with only 5 hands) who 3bets 9.5 BBs, UTG calls. Now I'm almost sure I'm behind here, so I think a reraise is definately out of the question, and my options are down to call/fold. I'm leaning towards folding being the move I should have made, however I call here on the chance that if I hit my set I might triple up. Did I make the right call or should I have folded at that point? Flop was ugly for me and my decisions were pretty easy after that.
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    Hi Demz,

    I think flatting the UTG raise is the clear best option here... his range rates to be strong here and 3-betting will generally fold out the bottom of that range while getting action from the parts that TT doesn't play well against. Folding would be wrong as we have a correct price to try and flop a set (big implied odds) plus position so we can win sometimes without flopping a set.

    Positional advantage would be stronger if we were playing a full stack, I recommend topping up to 100bb's.

    I agree when the action comes back to you with a 3b and call, I think stacking in TT without reads would be a spew. Fold or call... our chance to win without hitting a ten is small enough now that we can't count much on it, so I'd treat this as a strict set mine at this point. We have to call .75c more and I generally look for 15-1 implied odds for set mining so let's see if we have it. Pot contains 2.25 and after the call we'll have 6.55 left as the effective stack. Looking for 15-1, 15x.75=$11.25 that we need to have a realistic chance to win when we flop a set. I think we can see that $11.25 just isn't there to be had. Even if we assume V7 has AA and will always play for stacks post flop, that is only the current pot of 2.25 + our additional 6.55 = $8.80, still $2.45 short of what we need. Meaning we would need to get stack action from 1 villain, and additional action from the other as well. Way too optimistic a proposition. So I would begrudgingly fold here.
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