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Paly with the weak cards

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  • Paly with the weak cards

    Hi, this is my first post + my english sucks a bit - so please be gentle!

    Well ok - this is my wondering... Lets say I'm on Big Blind and this is preflop, and player Under The Gun places double blind and after him everybodey Calls (and even maybe rerises) - then comes my turn as a last one to act. So my wondering is about cards in everybodeys hands - maybe they all have some high card or at least one high card, so most of high cards are gone from the deck - SO? Maybe I should play with low cards and It would be a great chance to win? Am I wrong? Maybe someone had experience to share with?

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    well you don't really get to choose what cards you are dealt preflop but in the situation you mentioned, you should be able to play a lot of hands whether high or low cards since your pot odds should be very good.
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      Hi Aries_LV,

      Welcome to PSO.

      If there are lots of players in the pot, and the price is cheap, then you can call, but ideally you want "speculative" hands that are suited and connected, like 76s. With a speculative hand like that, you're hoping to make a flush or a straight. With lots of players, you need to hit a very strong hand to beat them all. If you only flop a weak one pair hand, then you can safely fold to any action. Don't get into the habit of playing low unconnected and non-suited hands like 74o or 95o. They won't make a straight very often and you're unlikely to win a big pot even if you flop trips.
      If you've not seen it already, read the tutorials and do the quizzes at so you have a better idea of the sort of hands you should usually be playing... or more often FOLDING. Good luck!
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        Hello there, Welcome to PSO, Good to see your already looking to learn and improve your game, you'll fit right in here If you need any help making your way round the site there is a link here Hope you enjoy your time here, any questions feel free to message me umbup: Ads


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          as a little side note to what others are saying here. if the utg minraises and everyone else calls that raise, then you (being in the BB) could call with any number or spec hands getting great odds to see a flop.
          HOWEVER, if as you stated, it was reraised (or 3bet) by another player after that initial raise, you can't simply call afterwards with those same hands, as you WON'T be closing the preflop action, since the original raiser, and anyone between him and the reraiser could potentially re reraise or (4bet) basically forcing you to either fold or play a weak hand out of position, in a bloated pot, without the initiative. (or betting lead) which is, far more often than not, going to be a bad idea.
          to paraphrase pretty well known guy around here, playing bloated pots out of position with weak hands and without the initiative is one of the biggest leaks in no limit holdem.
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            i just came back to this because i want the op (or anyone else ftm) to to understand another point here, and that is, when people start calling behind an early raiser, it causes a chain reaction of calls from the people behind them, with the thought of "well i'm getting a great price to see the flop" with whatever two cards they might hold.
            so the thought process of "ok i'm in the BB with small cards, and everyone else called a raise, so they must have big cards" is fundamentally flawed. that chain reaction is generally caused by the price people are getting, and not because of their preflop hand value.
            yes, your getting a great price to close the action and see a flop, but you can't assume the others in the pot are holding "Big cards" because there thoughts of "i'm getting a good price" was the same as yours, with the exception of (AND THIS IS IMPORTANT)you, being in the BB KNOW your going to see the flop for that price, because you close the action. the others that entered the pot before you DID NOT have this luxury, as anyone behind them could easily have raised and forced their ATC type hand out of the pot.
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