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10nl Zoom - A3o In the CO. Thin value OTR?

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  • 10nl Zoom - A3o In the CO. Thin value OTR?

    The villain is unknown in this hand. I make a standard open with A3o in the CO, I think this is pretty standard so not too much to dwell. Also I think my flop value bet is standard, I can get called by med-small pairs as well as KJ KT etc so I think it's a good spot to cbet. OTT I decided to check back, I felt that if I bet it gave all hands that call a flop bet a chance to fold. Even though the turn wasn't scary, worse hands that called the flop aren't often calling a double barrel. When he checks to me OTR I figured he was pretty weak and in all likelyhood held a PP 77-TT or a missed straight draw. I decided to bet for value quite small to get called by the PP's in his range and then he shocked me by raising. I've discussed this with a friend of mine and he thinks that if I bet the river then I have to call his raise as his line makes no sense so we will likely see a bluff. However in my experience when someone check raises the river they have a good hand. Although it seems more likely he would lead with Qx it's not out of the realms of possibility that he would try and be really tricky and x/r, is it? Did I misjudge the situation and perhaps get bluffed or was the laydown decent? Also was my bet for value OTR too thin? Thanks Oliver
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    Hi Oliver,

    Hard spot . If u held AK i think its a call, but the fact that there are Ax combos that beat you reduces the will to call. I think his range includes Ax that put you on a pocket pair; and missed draws... I dont think he has a Q often here, since i feel he'd put more money, maybe leading or raising on any street, the only Q hand i see him playing this way is AQ. I dont know if it is a good spot to bet the river... id fold... but im not very good player.


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      I'd typically fold A3o from the CO unless there is a really weak player in the blinds and/or everyone behind me including BU is fairly tight.

      I would also tend to checkback OTF since I dont see much value from worse hands and would try to induce some bluffs/get value on later streets.

      As played I think b/f river seems fine.
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