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2nl 6max zoom Awful CBet?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom Awful CBet?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, After i made this play i thought it was probably out of line. I know its a simple spot but i thought an interesting one. Didnt have much info on my opponent here, they had stats of 21/11 with a 3bet % of 14 but only 19 hands. i decided to 4 bet pretty big because the villian had 3bet so small + im oop + i wanted to set up a low stack to pot ratio post flop if it went that far. Obviously the flop is awful for my hand and i think he can call pre flop here with AQ,AK maybe possibly AJ but that might be a little loose of a range. My reasoning for CBetting still here was that i felt like i could still get folds from JJ,QQ and maybe 1010, in the past when ive seen players flat 3 and 4bets there range includes these hands. Or maybe im just delusional haha Thanks

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    Hi Nashy,

    I think your preflop line is just fine.

    Just check your reason for c-betting. Your stated reason was that you could get worse hands to fold.

    I think c-betting is ok here but the reason to do it is to protect our equity in the pot against aggressive opponents whom we're not prepared to stack off against. He may fold JJ to us but that's better than getting bluffed off the best hand in a big pot.

    The alternative line is to just check. Without reads (19 hands doesn't mean enough) I think this is fine. From our perspective we think it looks weak because we're looking at our hand, but from his we raised/4b pre and check this flop, if he doesn't hold an ace he's going to be concerned we have AA and are slow playing now. So if he makes a big bet I think we can fairly comfortably check/fold to it. If he bets small we can call once and he'll probably shut down a lot without an ace fearing the slowplay. If he checks, we can figure to have the best hand much more often.

    If you do bet, half the pot is too much, you can bet like .40c and save some money when he's got a big ace. That should be enough to get the desired result, again it doesn't look nearly as weak given the situation, as we might play AA like this as well.
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      Ah, the old "KK in hand, ace on the flop" problem.
      I prefer check-calling here. I don't want hands like QQ-88 or worse to have a good reason to fold. Since we're beating those hands, we want them to put money in the pot on at least one street and perhaps two.
      So we check the flop. Villain either has an ace, a pair worse than KK, or relative junk like KQs, as there are no draws. Some villains will bet an underpair here, some will check behind. But you can call a reasonable bet, knowing you're ahead a fair proportion of the time. If he has no ace, he'll be very scared by your check-call, so he'll typically check behind on the turn unless he hits his 2-outer. If villain bets the turn, you can make an easy fold, as he has you beat. If villain checks behind, you probably have the best hand and can lead the river. He'll find it very hand to fold hands like QQ-TT when you take this line, so you end up getting 2 streets of value from a worse hand, when betting out in the first place might have earned you nothing.
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