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2nl 6max zoom Correct betting for value?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom Correct betting for value?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi everyone, I feel like this is a pretty standard spot but thought i would post it to confirm that my betting for thinish value was correct(i will try to post more interesting hands in the future :P). The villian has stats of 46/37 0 3bet% over 90 hands so an ok sample i think hes capable of raiseing very wide on the button so i decided to 3bet for value. I decided to bet for value on each street because i felt i could get value from worse hands,also i went for three streets of value because the turn and river cards were quite kind to me with 2 2 coming down and i dont believe affecting the villians range. Thanks again

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    Originally posted by Nashy1996 View Post
    The villian has stats of 46/37 0 3bet% over 90 hands
    Fish will be fish.
    Likely for him to have had a hand like A8, A6, some middle pair etc. (even a busted straight draw like 97) That's all within his calling 3 bet range especially when he's playing this loose and on the button. Only 3 pairs beating you and plenty you're ahead of.

    It's not a bad play at all given that you know the villain's stats. If a random opponent and they're calling your 3 bet plus bets on the flop and turn I'd be getting very cautious because against a decent player you're really not beating a hell of a lot (99, TT, maybe A8).


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      Hey Nashy I think the only way you could have clearly improved this hand would be to have moved all in on the river instead of leaving yourself a little bit back. In this type of hand you are trying to take advantage of your opponent's tendency to call too many bets with worse hands. So when we have an overpair on a low board we should be looking to get all the money in if we can keep the betting lead. The board ran out really well for this plan on the turn and the river. It would be a bit of a trickier spot I think had your opponent raised you at any point in the hand (beside the little bit back on the river). One way to think about improving your river bet sizing is to consider the hands that he calls the bet size you made. Do any of those not call a shove? Not very many I don't think, not for this opponent. That's why moving all in on the river is just a bit better umbup:



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