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16NL 6-Max 2p 3way

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  • 16NL 6-Max 2p 3way

    Villain 4(UTG)'s 32/21, AF:3.1 over 184 hands. Flop cbet 57%(14), Turn cbet 50%(2) Villain 3(BB)'s 59/18, AF: 1.8 over 79 hands. Flop FCB: 44%(9), Flop donkbet: 21%(19), Turn donkbet: 60%(5) Villain 4 cbets tiny. I raise it up to extract value from weaker Queens and also draws. Turn comes a King which makes the board coordinated. Villain 3 leads for a small amount. Could have made a straight with T9 or 2 pairs KJ. Again I raised for value from Qx and flush draw. River comes a brick and Villain 4 turns aggressive, allin. Easy release of our 2 pairs KQo? Also, is raising the Turn value-owning ourselves? Our pot odds OTR are 1:2.63 (28%) OTR. I gave both players a range of { JJ+, 22, AKs, ATs, KJs+, T9s, AKo, ATo, KJo+, T9o }. They're both 46% favourite while we're only 8%. Should we remove AK from their range? Also, I feel that sets might have raised OTT when the board got coordinated. Will reveal the following actions. Thanks!
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    Preflop I would tend to either 3bet or fold KQo, I think its a little close to be calling against an UTG open - but that depends a lot on villain's OR from EP and his postflop tendencies too.

    As played I like your line since you can raise/fold against the UTG guy and isolate the weaker player at the same time.

    I dont think UTG is bluffing here ever into the two of you with the previous betting so we have to assess his valuerange which I think will mostly be comprised of either sets or AT. I dont really see him just calling turn and then suddenly donkshoving with KJ or QJ when he could have jammed turn already - I'd be strongly inclined to fold.
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      i like how you are raising, it's very likely you have the best hand and you have 2 opponents in this hand. when he donks into you smallish it makes sense for you to raise and get more money in the pot to protect your hand (although I think I would've raised even bigger since after the guy led the other guy called so your raise is actually quite small. on the river here, i think you should call as played, i think after you open up the betting on the turn by raising, one of your opponents would reraise all-in here if they had you beat already. them going all-in all of a sudden on this blank card isn't optimal as they could easily get the money in on the turn without giving away free cards.


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        Thanks Felix and Randy!! The subsequent actions were that I went all-in, Villain 3 flats and Villain 4 flats.

        V3: Ts9s! No raise OTR??!!
        V4: AhTh

        I was hoping for the best, that AK or KJ will ship it here but turns out I was beat by the Turn. Their passiveness trapped me lol. Pokerstove also indicated we're crushed. Interesting discussion


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          np, even though you loss the hand hopefully it made sense that if hypothetically you were villain 4, you can easily see that he should have reraised even w/ the nuts given he was closing the action 3 way w/out the best position as well as lots of potential cards that could kill action. Imagine another T falls and then both you KQ and T9 wont like the hand anymore but you guys also invested so much already that it'd be hard to get away from.



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