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2nl 6max zoom More aggressive line needed?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom More aggressive line needed?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi everyone, In this hand was wondering if you guys would 3bet preflop here? I was considering 3betting but once the opponent in the cutoff called i decided to just to flat. When looking at the hand later i thought maybe i could have still maybe 3bet considering the utg raiser having a 50bb stack and i would be out of position for the entire hand. The utg raiser had stats of 67/50/25/3bet but only 13 hands,the cutoff caller had stats of 48/0 over 21 hands. As i played the hand i have three questions:should i have check shoved the turn against this stack size and not a bad board for my hand? Was my checking line too passive on three streets? and should i be calling the river as played?

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    Given stacksizes and your stats on the villains I would have definitely 3bet preflop for value and be willing to call a shove from both.

    As played I like your calldown line, you can let him bet worse or bluff off his stack himself. Alternatively you can also checkminraise flop or jam turn since he seems fairly interested/committed there. You will pay off his top range but since you just flatcalled preflop he may have a ton worse hands that are still in his range by now (especially any Tx/pair+draw type hand).
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      i think check folding turn was the right play . you are beat. he has a AFq of 25 if i got the stats right , he is a nut preflop after the flop he seems pretty nitty. just my thoughts but what do i know
      Last edited by kingkong263; Thu Feb 28, 2013, 05:22 PM. Reason: got stats wrong. 25/3bet? forget what i said befor. lol


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        i like the idea of 3betting preflop for value, i think you should be even more inclined to do it when the other guy calls since your hand plays better heads up. as played, i'd call the river, that is such a blank river and you call on the turn indicates you think your hand is best so nothing's changed.



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