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2nl 6max zoom Too passive a line?

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  • 2nl 6max zoom Too passive a line?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Hi Everyone, Played this hand today and was questioning my line especially the turn and river. i have a little info about my opponent, they have stats of 43/23 and 3bet % of 20 over only 33 hands also raised 2 of 3 cbets. Now i make my 2 pair then on the turn my opponent min raises me,i just wanted to ask everyone if they would come back over the top here with a third bet? I just called because my feeling was that my opponent didnt have a flush draw min raiseing there, and i wanted to keep all those worse aces in there range rather than possibly getting 100bb plus stacks in and playing against the best part of there range where im more likely to be beat. Then on the river looking back i may have missed a value bet,but planned on check calling. What does everyone think of my logic? Thanks alot

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    I like how you played the hand and I don't think you missed out on too much value here being OOP and only holding bottom two.

    Since it is a blind on blind situation some villains might be more prone to do more crazy stuff so I would at least call OTT to see what villain does on the river.

    I dont see too much value in shoving turn since that may fold out most weaker hands and/or bluffs.
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      i think it's fine to call the turn as played. if you did somehow learn that he does do this with draws and never follows through with a bluff on the river then yeah it would make sense to 3bet him on the turn but other than that its okay.



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