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how bad did i play here ? and how can i play it better?

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  • how bad did i play here ? and how can i play it better?

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    tigh TAG player

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    I think you should be looking for more specific questions to ask. Hard to give detailed answers to general questions.

    A couple things that you could have possibly done are:

    1) Bet larger on the flop. Betting half pot is going to give villain OK pot odds + implied odds for draws. 2/3 to 3/4 pot is usually ideal. Sometimes a pot sized bet may work, but I wouldn't pot the flop as a standard play.

    2) You could potentially consider checking river looking to bluff catch. If villain actually bets out after you check river, his range is somewhat polarized to missed draws or two pairs+. Most two pairs hands possible would have folded pre-flop except AQ. So a bet from him could be missed draw, AQ for two pairs, or a set. You get value out of two of these and possibly minimize your losses to sets if villain doesn't overbet. On the other hand, if you bet out river, you get no value out of villain's air, same value from AQ, and you get destroyed when re-raised by a set.

    Sure it is very unexpected that he would show up with KK, but just pretend he called with 88 and think how you would play your hand against that.


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      This is really difficult to draw conclusion on as you describe the villain as a 'tight TAG player'. This really doesn't give much insight into his game and tbh shows laziness whe writing the HA post. You would be better delving into the hand and saying what ranges you assign villain and why, also why you took actions you did. This would allow the hand analysis team to really pick apart the hand and give solid feedback. Instead you give a sketchy description leaving us guessing.

      As for the hand I agree with Rockerguy that you should bet the flop bigger, this would allow you to bet the turn bigger and simplify your decision on the river. If you get to the river with less than a PSB left I would go ahead and shove for value, although you get called by better some of the time you will also get max value from worse 2 pair.

      On the river I'm unsure of the best play, although checking to induce a bet may be a good idea he may recognise that he's often behind and check back hands like AQ KQ and A8. I'd probably make a small bet of around $1.50 and fold to a shove as I think his range would be pretty much sets and JsTs only. As played it's pretty tough you only need around 15% equity, if he only shoves sets and straights (JsTs) in this spot it's a fold but if he goes crazy with KQ and AQ then you have enough equity to call. Tough spot, I would side with a fold but given how little you have left it's probably not a huge mistake to call.

      The main lesson I would take from this hand is betting bigger when you are well ahead of villains calling range. As I stated earlier a bigger flop bet and conseqently turn bet would leave less money behind and allow for a thin value shove OTR imo.

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        I would bet more on the flop as it's a 3 handed pot and you can get action from quite a few worse hands.

        I like the turn bet. I think the bet on the river is too large, you make it really hard for this guy to call you with 1 pair hands. Granted there are not many in his river range, but this is a player who can lay down AsJs or AsTs on the river to this big bet, but will probably pay off a small bet... I like Croyd's amount of $1.50.

        I actually do prefer betting this river card because tight TAG's tend to like to show down and aren't usually good river bettors nor river bluffers. And since we have no specific reads of this nature, I would assume he'd often check down AsJs or KQ, being afraid of AK or AQ.

        If he shoves the river I'd then fold, can't see him shoving worse ever. Not sure he'd go crazy with AsQs here as you raised UTG and barreled 3 streets, I think this player type will be cautious with AQ on the river fearing AK or KK.
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