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2nl JT shoved on at river

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  • 2nl JT shoved on at river

    I'd been at the table for 3-4 rotations and had won a couple of pots heads up by cbetting and lost a couple to others betting against me. None of my hands had gone to showdown yet. Villain 2 was pretty tight. Villain 4 was a bit loose. He limped 2-3 times per round, including utg, and was passive post flop, also folding, excepting one time when he shoved on me out of the blue when I showed weakness on the turn. Pre flop Villain 4's min raise made me think he had a better hand than normal so I discounted his little suited connecters and small pp. I thought he'd have mid/high pp (55+) or AT+ KQ, maybe QJs. Villain 2's 3bet meant he had a quality cards. AJ/Q+ JJ+. I called Villain 4's min raise thinking my hand could play ok post flop. I called villain 2's 3bet raise as it was only another .04 into .26 pot. Is that ok? Flop comes low and monotone and I hit top pair. I am confident I have a good chance of being in front. So when it is checked to me I bet in position 50% of pot. V1 folds, V4 calls. Turn comes 2 repeater and I don't think it's changed much except to maybe open up a flush draw. It could have given Villain 4 a FH 5's over 2's but I was unsure. So I bet 60% (.30) of pot thinking it possible that he's sitting on a pocket pair or maybe two overcards for a flush draw. I considered that overpair or flush draw would be most likely hand if he called my turn bet. On reflection I think I bet too small here, maybe .40-.45 would be better?? River comes Kc and there is no flush. Villain shoves and overbets the pot. K is right in this guys range, so its a scare card for me. And I think he can easily put me on a T. It looks bluffy to me but what can I do here. I have 2nd pair with only J kicker. So I fold and he shows 77. Was I asking to be bluffed here?

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