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5NL Zoom 6max, profitable bluff catching spot?

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  • 5NL Zoom 6max, profitable bluff catching spot?

    Hey, This hand came up today and even though it is 5NL it really felt like one of those spots where bluff catching might be a reasonable option. I am not exactly sure though. I know that the standard play here would be to give the villain credit for a hand and just let it go because it is microstakes and the guy is a regular so I was not expecting him to do this with any random 2 cards like some people just love to do at 5NL. My HUD does not work for Zoom right now so I cannot provide any stats I have got only one note on the villain: HU he check called T99 double suited flop and checked it down with AK no FD after opening utg vs me OTB. My very first thought after I got raised OTT was that he slowplayed a hand like AA or KK but this obviously does not make too much sense. Why would he ever not cbet this board 5 way?? This made me discount big pocket pairs from his range but my only real read being that he is a 4 tabling regular this might have been a mistake. After all this is 5NL, a magic land where anything can happen. So assuming he does not have an overpair what could he have? If this was a value raise then I was obviously not beating anything but for him to check it OTF he would have to flop a monster right? 99 or 44 which together is just 2 combos of hands that beat me. Of course he might check call flop with 66 and turn a boat but do people really go for a check call with a low pocket pair in this situation?? (well, looking at my note he might...) And if so he could also check call a hand like AK or AQ of spades which turned a FD which he is now semibluffing. Just a weird hand and a very difficult one to read for me. Is folding really the only option vs a relative unknown at Zoom? And yeah a funny story... after thinking about the hand a bit I decided to ask him in the chat why would he do this with AA hoping to get any response which might be useful but instead of clicking the send button I clicked the raise button to put him all in. Hell yeah! Cheers Tommy
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    I would treat this situation a little different than the HU pot you played with this villain since in a multiway situation with him being the UTG raiser I feel that he might be a lot stronger here - especially in Zoom poker. 944rb may look like a great board for him to be slowplaying an overpair or even a boat.

    As long as your read that he might be messing around here isn't really strong I would just b/f the turn here - which would also be my standard line against any unknown.
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