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25NL 6-max Zoom - I have QQ in the bb, utg raises 3x and an over call +1, I call OMG

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  • 25NL 6-max Zoom - I have QQ in the bb, utg raises 3x and an over call +1, I call OMG


    I'm not messing around here but sitting in the bb with QQ facing a utg raises 3x and an over call +1.

    I call worried raising would fold out worse - but at high micros ep raises may beat me?

    This is the same theme at the lower micros. IF? I'm beat what would be the bet size for an over pair or flop a set?

    I played this passively? To keep the "game flow" or not to donk and see what utg and +1 do.

    Without reads a $32 stack (utg) is looking at $13 stack (+1) who now over pot bet and I'm thinking the bet size is wrong.

    <delete> long discussion about playing a set / over pair ip or oop </delete>

    I called, see a blank looking turn >and went with my QQ<<

    Good or bad?

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    Hey Forrest

    I think you played this hand fine postflop. On the flop our opponent has made a big bet on a short stack, I think we can reasonably expect him to make another big bet on the turn, so being able to keep his range wide and check to him on the turn is going to be a good spot.

    The alternative is to raise the flop for value. Our opponent has a short stack, we are out of position, and some action killing cards could come later. I think I would be fine with that play. The question is how aggressive and bluffy you think your opponent is -- the more aggressive, the better just calling the flop is.

    Similarly we could have three-bet for similar reasons. We would want to isolate the UTG+1 short stack. So if UTG reopens the action with a four-bet we are going to lose that opportunity. But at the same time, when UTG calls or folds we will be able ot really punish UTG+1.

    So there are some alternatives, but once you get to the turn as you did, you should definitely check-raise as you did. The pot is big, you have a strong overpair, and there isn't much money behind.



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