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10nl Zoom - Check raising the turn BvB.

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  • 10nl Zoom - Check raising the turn BvB.

    I've had one or two spots like this recently, in this specific spot I'm less bothered about my actual cards but rather the range of the villain. On the flop I think I can barrel and get lots of hands to fold as he is less likely to have hit because of the paired board and also due to wider ranges BvB. On the turn however I didn't think it was a good card to barrel as it didn't bring any fold equity. However I wasn't completely ready to give up on the hand. He would likely check the turn behind small pairs 22-99 and weak draws such as A5. I think his betting range would be all pairs TT+, trips, sets flopped boats etc... but also flop floats such as KQ AJ KJ etc. Given that his range is fairly wide is this a good spot to x/r given that it is a very strong action and he has a lot of highcard hands in his range? The villain in this hand seems to be loose aggressive but the sample size is fairly small (38 hands) 42/33/14.3 AF 2.7 Afq 53. Given this villain type do we think this profitable, but also against what other villain types would this x/r be profitable against? Cheers Oliver
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    Hi Oli,

    I usually dont like plays like this too much since they may look more bluffy to most villains than a standard turn barrel would. You dont really represent a lot of strong hand combos here and in a blind on blind situation where ranges are typically wide people may be a lot more suspicious.

    Also, you are risking more to win less effectively so this play has to work a little more often and your read has to be pretty accurate that this guy is on a lot of pure floats with overs/Ax. Add that he is still in position on you and may feel tempted to peel one more card with draws/1 pair hands and see what you do on the river.

    On this turn I would usually just x/f with the weakest overcard hands in my range.
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