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2nl AKs

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  • 2nl AKs

    Villain 9 is a rock, I can't remember the last hand he played before this one. Villain 1 is a rock but not as bad. SB and BB didn't play many hands either. Villain 1 and 9 had strong pre flop hands (AK-AJ) or a pocket pair from my POV. I put Villain 9 on AK or AJ after his flop bet. Didn't think AQ coz I didn't think he'd bet second pair and didnt think he'd bet a flush draw on Ad Qd? Since Villain 1 folded on the flop i think he had an underpair to the board. Suggestions on better play? 3 bet pre flop? Raise on flop? Check on turn? Or is it fine to bet since he checked it to me? Thanks, Andrew

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    Hi Andrew,

    Flatting in position is better than 3-betting here imo, they're ranges are already tight... I would guess V9 opens something AQ+, TT+ at most for the description of Rock... if you 3b he will absolutely fold AQ which you don't want, and only give you action with a range of big pairs and AK. Better to keep anything looser than this in, as your biggest hand equity comes from that part of his range, and against rocks in position there is always a post flop fold equity part of the equation... keeping the pot smaller increases this aspect as well in your favor.

    Regarding the flop I think your ranging is off but this will improve with time, practice, and experience. AJs is possible but will he have opened this wide preflop? AdQd is definitely possible and a hand he'd bet with all the equity it has I'd imagine. Other AQ holdings I agree he probably doesn't bet into 2 players nearly as often. The other holdings that would both be in his preflop raising range and I'd expect him to bet on this flop are: AA, AK, KK, QQ, TT, maybe JJ. You have discounted all of these except AK.

    Against this range we are not in great shape. 39% equity based on hand strength. Still, I would call the flop bet, as we have some outs to the nuts (including back door hearts) and more importantly we have position. If the turn scares him he may well check and fold to a bet, some slightly better hands (AK, AA), a possibility kept alive because we didn't 3b pre.

    When he does check the diamond you probably want to bet more, if you actually made a flush you'd make a big bet in this situation, so do that... give the rock a compelling reason to fold AK, AA... closer to 3/4 pot does this and sets up a nice river shove should another scary card come. If a 4th diamond comes he'll probably fold sets to a river shove.

    We are turning out hand into a bluff with this line but it's a very profitable way to attack rocks. On the surface one thinks we have showdown value so why bluff the river? But our showdown value is very marginal here imo, we are only beating JJ and tied with AK, everything else he has would seem to be beating us.

    DON'T normally try this at 2nl, most players at this level are fish and fish can't fold AA or sets no matter what happens. But if you are going to try it, the one player type to do so against is the rock or nit since they fold too much and don't like to play for their whole stack without the nuts or close to it.
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