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5NL 6max Zoom, how to fold KK preflop vol 2

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  • 5NL 6max Zoom, how to fold KK preflop vol 2

    Please tell me that now it makes sense to fold my hand. Otherwise I am never folding KK preflop again The fact that he 4bet utg open and utg+1 3bet just seemed so strong that I did not believe that a regular would try to steal in this spot and would only turn over KK or AA. QQ seems too weak for this and I have blockers for AK. On top of that utg villain made a 4.5x open and was sitting there with a short stack indicating that he is probably willing to put the money in therefore villain in BB should not expect any fold equity. Makes sense? No? Maybe?

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    Hey TommyGun

    I think you have identified some factors that should make us non-ecstatic to get all the money in here preflop with KK, which is not always the case. Usually we should be ecstatic .

    That is to say that I don't think we should fold here.

    The fact that UTG is a short stack is actually a reason why BB's cold four-betting range here should be wider. Yes, he should not expect fold equity, but if he gets QQ in versus UTG he is only at risk for a half stack. Thus his range to get it in if say the UTG player was much deeper, should tighten. So just as you should be happy to get AT in for 10 BB, he should be happy to get in JJ+AK v UTG.

    Now, does that mean his range here is JJ+ AK? I don't know. I do know that we are going to be doing reasonably well against any range we construct, even KK+ AK. So I would not be willing to fold here, we risk making a much bigger mistake in folding in this spot than the mistake we risk in stacking off.

    This decision would be much closer with both AKo and QQ and I might go with both, folding JJ.


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      Yes that actually makes sense. Why did I think that the fact that utg is a short stack makes it more likely that his range is much stronger? I really do not know and once again I feel dumb. Thanks for the reply umbup:


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        By the way if we were all 100BB deep and utg 5bet what then? Do we still want to get it in?




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