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10NL - TPTK on paired wet flop and facing a min 3bet

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  • 10NL - TPTK on paired wet flop and facing a min 3bet

    Villain 78/6/7 (19 Hands) - looks very fishy to me even with such a small sample. Anyway, I have no idea if I played this hand well at all. What is the min 3bet supposed to mean? 9x? Jx? FD? st8 draw? The board texture makes it so hard I think So anyway here's the hand.

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    Seems highly unlikely villain limps button with 99 or JJ so your going to be looking at a drawing hand like 98% of the time. A9s is a possibility, but again he would have probably raised pre-flop with it.

    Villain probably kept his raise small so he wouldn't charge himself too much to draw if you fail to fold. I would just re-raise him all-in on the flop and let him decide to fold or make a -EV call (+EV for you!).


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      Hi geo,

      It's a min-raise, not 3b... someone who has voluntarily played 15/19 hands I'm not sure we can ever be too sure what this means. Rockerguy's guess is reasonable but it could easily be Jx, 9x, 55, KT, or some other hand that doesn't make sense (it's likely this villain's poker brain isn't making much sense). While he likely won't limp the button with 99 or JJ he will with hands as weak as 95s I'd imagine, given the early indication we have from his stats.

      I don't really like jamming given the uncertainty, would probably call, then lead safe turn cards (like this one). If he IS on a draw he'll call our turn bet incorrectly. If he's got some weird made hand worse than ours he'll also call. If he raises us on the turn we can probably let it go.
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        Hey Dave, so up till the turn I played it right. But what do you make of the river line?



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