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10NL - Turn lead?

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  • 10NL - Turn lead?

    Villain unknown I get min 3bet on the flop which could mean either a FD or a weak TP hand, IMO. I call to see what the turn card brings. The King is an over card to my pair, but it could also be a card that my opponent would continue bluffing at with his draw; so I decided to c/r to pick up one last bet from him (fold to a raise/givup river if called) I was also considering leading turn, but ended up playing it like this because I have Fancy Play Syndrome :s What line would you take? and why?

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    Hi geo,

    You got min-raised, not min-3b (your bet is the first bet, his raise is the 2nd bet). This sizing is a fish tell of a monster, so without reads I'd be wary at this point, but I think calling and seeing how the hand develops is fine.

    His bet sizing on the turn is small, kind of leads me to believe he doesn't like his hand much any more so maybe it was something like AT that doesn't like the king.

    That being said, I don't think check-raising is right here, it shows a lot of strength and forces him to fold all of his worse hands, while better hands (like sets) won't ever fold to it, so you are basically value owning yourself.

    You could have called 1.30 on the turn, and 2.70 on the river for the same price as your actual line (check-raising to $4), but this way gotten an additional $2.70 out of bluffs and gotten your hand to showdown vs. weaker made hands with no additional risk, while losing the same amount to better hands.
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      Hi Dave,
      What was going in my head was something like this: "I think he might be on a flush draw, and he showed weakness OTT when the K comes, and the K won't let me get more value from hands that I could have beat so I raise it up to deny him to draw to the river and hit his flush or make a 2pair hand or something that can now beat the K" Ofcourse I'm not worried if I get shoved on bcoz the only hands that will do that will be hands that have me beat and drawing dead anyways.



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