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10NL 6-max Zoom. I over call 66 +1 after utg open, blinds fold, ip flop set ...

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom. I over call 66 +1 after utg open, blinds fold, ip flop set ...

    Hi guys, Facing a 3x open from utg with 66 +1 do we ever do a sick 3-bet that early 6-max? I had a note on the villain low stakes $11 MTT multi tables and can 3-bet. But never seen at cash tables. No I didn't 3b but over called to set mine and a nice TJ6 flop. Facing a solid c-bet I raised now thinking the flop smacked an utg open - do not slow play. umbup: Now is this a bad mistake keeping the initiative when >>turning a boat<< should I have checked as betting will fold out worse? I think luckily I got the call as the villain couldn't see me rep anything.

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    Hi Forest,

    Firstly I prefer calling to 3betting, you have a hand that when it flops well can win you a lot of money. By 3betting your effectively turning your hand into a bluff, his UTG 3bet call range has extremely good equity vs 66 and he'll often 4bet forcing you to fold when you could have called to see a flop. So I like your call.

    On the flop you recognise it's time to raise, you flop your set but another spade, Q or 9 can kill your action from hands like AJ and KK. Also he can call when he has a draw so I like raising for value to around $2.

    OTT his range for calling is probably something like this TT+,AsKs,AsQs,AJs,KJs+,QTs,AJo (although he may raise some of the better hands) nevertheless you crush this range s should definitely bet for value imo. I would bet around the $2.60 mark, maybe even bigger as this allows me to shove the river more comfortably. I want him to feel commited OTR so he can't fold all his weaker pairs so elect to build the pot now

    OTR your shove is fine, you played the hand well and got max value.

    Well played and good luck

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      Hi Forrest, Preflop flat call is fine readless here. I love the flop raise, ty for not slowplaying! It's a wet board and the preflop raiser can give action with so many worse hands, definitely am raising here and the sizing is good as well. I would probably bet bigger on the turn, but not much, maybe 2.25ish. Makes it harder for him to get away from a river shove if he's got a non-draw hand. Definitely shove the river for straight value, QQ-AA can't help themselves but to stack off... he's been telling himself you're out of line with a draw to justify calling you, and all the draws missed, so he'll call. Nice hand. umbup:
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