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25NL FR Zoom: strong draw but idiot end

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  • 25NL FR Zoom: strong draw but idiot end

    This situation occurs often enough that I wanted to get some advice. I open with fairly weak suited connectors and flop an open ended straight and flush draw. It looks great, but I am drawing toward the idiot end of everything except an actual straight flush.

    Player 1 on the btn is a regular multitabler at 25NL Zoom playing ABC poker and well aware of position. The bb is an unknown single tabling.

    Normally I am fist pumping when I flop this strong of a draw, but here I was concerned that I might be getting stacked with the second best hand.

    Had my c-bet gotten raised I probably would have taken the risk and come over the top with a 3-bet.

    How would you suggest playing this hand postflop?


    Roland GTX

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    Hi Roland,

    I liked the way u played the hand, i think the profit in these spots comes from being agressive. Id always cbet that flop, and sometimes jam to a raise for 100bb. Sometimes you will take down the pot with your agression and some others you will get called and hit.

    Just my opinion...:P


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      Hi Greg,

      I think you're fine continuation betting here, you have enough hand equity with the big draw to back it up and you can get them to fold some better made hands like A8, 55, etc. (we are an equity favorite over some of these "better" hands they'll fold but they have enough equity that we don't mind them folding).

      If you get raised sometimes you still have enough hand equity to 3b but you could also consider calling, and if the villain checks the turn or bets weakly it would be a very strong semi-bluff to shove now. If you haven't gotten there that is. If the button raises with the read you have on him he should have a strong hand he won't fold to a 3b and you end up getting it in with reasonable equity but bad against most of his range (behind sets, QT, nut flush draws or bigger combo draws, light dog to 2 pair). I think the key to consider in 3-bet jamming the flop is our fold equity. Vs. the button his flop raising range should be sufficiently strong that we don't have any and are just getting it in bad. Vs. the BB I like this line a lot more.
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