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25NL 6-max zoom: AQs weird line to get value with the nut flush

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  • 25NL 6-max zoom: AQs weird line to get value with the nut flush

    hi all, preflop: an unknown min-raises from utg and i decide to flat call on the sb and avoid a tricky spot in I get 4-bet (in retrospect i like the 3-bet as well though). flop: we smash the board and I decide to just check-call and keep all his bluffs, gutshots he might have and the As of course. turn: we hit our nut flush and I decided to use the donk bet in order to induce bluff raises/ value raises with 4 to a str8 on the board. we get raised and i again flat call, again planning to do the same donk lead on the river. river: a five str8 completes and i again lead to induce bluffs/ raises from str8s. what do u think of this line for getting value with our nut flush?

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    Hi F1n, :P

    I feel more comfortable 3beting this hand pre. But u seem to be a good player and know the game, obviously you took the one of the best lines, since u got all the money in . in my opinion it really depends on what do u think your oponent has, I think he may have a weak A , or a pair like 33 that made the set,55 that makes the straight on the turn or 66 that made a straight on the river. I think a check raise on the turn also can work given that range i believe hes playing. Just an opinion... liked the way u did it.

    Hope it helps


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      Hi f1n,

      Preflop flat is preferable to me with no reads vs. an UTG open.

      I like check-calling the flop as I expect him to c-bet his entire range here, and if we take an aggressive action it's very easy to lose a lot of the hands that we don't want to lose, all the air (KQ etc) and pocket pairs for sure. Aces will stay with us but they're going to bet the flop anyway most likely.

      I also like the donk bet on the turn. All the non-ace hands (air or pairs) isn't likely to bluff the turn if they have any sense as they are concerned we have an ace and won't fold, or were on a draw and got there. Big aces, even AK, may check behind for pot control. And single large diamonds may opt to take a free card. But the big aces and large diamonds will at least call a bet, and we want to build the pot. So donking best accomplishes that.

      Getting raised is great news, why did you back off now? Raise him again. Think about all the hands in his range that would play this way up to this point. Any random bluffs (very few will show up here imo) won't give you river action anyway. Legit raising hands: AxKd, maybe AK, 55, some suited hand steal that made a flush, and sets. All of these hands will continue to give action to a 3b on the turn by you. Let's give the AK's, 55's, and small flushes a chance to put more money in before a 4th diamond scares them. Let's give AxKd a chance to put more money in now in case the 4th diamond doesn't come.

      Obviously the river is fine as played, but I think we risked losing value not getting it done on the turn.
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