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25NL 6-max zoom: AA 180bbs deep on a 3-bet flop

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  • 25NL 6-max zoom: AA 180bbs deep on a 3-bet flop

    hi all, preflop: we open for 3x sb vs bb with effective stacks of 180bbs vs a pretty much unknown opp(31/25 but only with 35hands). flop: we flop the nuts and i c-bet big to start building the pot and be able to play for stacks. we get faced with a raise, which can mean either another set, a total bluff or a semi-bluff with a flush draw. given our hand strength and the fact that in order to get stacks in by the river we need more money into the pot now, i decide to 3-bet fairly big. my opponent flats meaning he either holds a flush draw or a set going for a trickier line(putting the money in, on the turn) turn: another diamond hits the turn and now we are beat by all his flush draws.... 1. is the 3-bet on the flop, the way to go? 2. how do we proceed now, check/call (n reevalute on the river) or bet/puke n call?

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    Hi f1n, again me :P

    pre flop is standard in my opinion, cbet as well. But when you decide to 3bet, which it seems also a good play to me, i think u could make it bigger, like 4 or 5x since all the bluffs are folding anyway and sets wont, making draws expensive to play, since youre deepstacked... The turn is one of the worst cards ... because since he didnt 4bet the flop, im inclined to think that he had a flush draw that he dediced to play agressively by raising and called your 3 bet based on the implied odds...
    Its hard to check fold here, but the line he took makes me put him a fair amount of te time on a flush ...

    =S... Hope it helps...


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      I dont think betting accomplishes anything here so our only real option is to check and decide evaluating by his betsizing if we are going to continue. His flopraising range usually contains all sets and two pairs (which is not too many combinatorically since we block all but one ace) and then mostly flushdraws or gutshots. He shouldnt bet turn too big so we will most likely be able to call and then reevaluate on the river.

      Regarding your flop play: I think its fine since we are a little deeper and have topset so some potbuilding is desireable. It may put us into a tough turnspot from time to time (like here) and fold out his complete airballs though, so calling is definitely also an option for me - looking to build up the pot more on a blank turn.
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