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10NL 6-max Zoom - Raise 88 utg, 3b +1, call oop risky float J67 flop...

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom - Raise 88 utg, 3b +1, call oop risky float J67 flop...

    Hi guys, Thanks for your reviews I'm trying not to make these types of mistakes. Still I'm not convinced if my line is good or bad here. Specifically floating such a suspiciously large flop bet. I raise 88 utg and get 3b +1. This folds back to me and I called the 3b oop bad 1? Checked to the aggressor and floated a big flop bet bad 2? I have some straight+flush backdoor on the flop though obviously an 8 would have helped. Checked the turn bingo and another big bet thank you. Villain mucked Jc2c
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Wed Feb 20, 2013, 11:01 AM. Reason: villain's cards

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    Hi forrest,

    If the villain had 3b bigger this would just be a fold without reads, but his sizing is too small (maybe a fishy read?) and I think we can profitably call here set mining.

    I think we have to fold to the flop bet. We are out of position and have limited improvement potential on the turn. We also have no read. If the villain had certain stats we could call, like flop cbet 86%, turn cbet 42%... then we could call, and check-fold the turn if he barrels again, and make a token value bet on the river when he checks back. As is though with no reads we have no idea how to proceed profitably on the flop, nor if we'll even be able to get the best hand to showdown should we hold it. Just fold.
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      Hi Forrest,

      I'd feel really uncomfortable with that 3bet to my left, i think most of the time you will have a hard time at the flop and turn, even with lower cards that dont hit you... I'd fold because i dont think i have the tools to make it a profitable situation.

      By the way I really liked the way you played when you hit on the turn, getting all the chips.


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        I'd fold to the 3-bet and I'd fold to the c-bet.
        I don't think you can float oop here and make money in the long run. You only have 2 outs to your set, many turn cards will be overcards, and 9s and 5s will provide you with an OESD that may mean you call another street as an underdog.
        Until you've got got reads on particular opponents so you know you can get tricky and do stuff like floating or bluff-raising, just go set-mining in the usual way. If you flop your set, do your best to get all the money in. If you don't flop your set, fold at the first opportunity.
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