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Nice spot for a donk bet?

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  • Nice spot for a donk bet?

    Took a weird line and decided to donk to build the pot and hopefully induce some more action. I thought a 1/2 pot donk would look pretty weak and fishy, and I don't think he could ever see me with a monster here. Both villains are pretty taggy. Would you guys have played it differently?
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    Donking is fine here, as you have a set, there's an ace on the flop, it's a really wet board, and it's multiway, so you're likely to get action. Villains oblige by raising, so this is an easy stack off. Sometimes you're gonna get over-setted by AA and JJ, or run into KQ, but mostly you're targeting AK, AQ, AJ.
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      Hi birdayy,

      Rather than being a weird line, I think donking out is the preferred play here tbh. Hate checking to the raiser as this is a board texture we loath to give a free card on, and with the pot being multi-way, the key hands we really don't want to give a free card too, KK/QQ, are likely to take one. While I would expect the preflop 3-bettor to bet for us with AK or AQ much of the time, when we donk out these holdings often feel compelled to raise to "protect their hand" (lol) and certainly top pair+nut flush draw might raise it up, so we can get stacks in right on the flop. Well played imo.
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