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Do we 3bet to get value or protect on a single suited board?

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  • Do we 3bet to get value or protect on a single suited board?

    Do we 3bet the flop to protect our hand or do we want to call and try to get some more value on this single suited board (without us having one of the flush cards)? If we do bet to protect + (some) value, do we want to make the 3bet bet smaller to keep AK type of hands in the hand?

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    You can't 3-bet the flop, because you acted second. When villain bets, your raise is a 2-bet. (Pre-flop, the big blind - or a limp - is a 1-bet, the first raise is a 2-bet and a re-raise is a 3-bet).
    How you play this hand post-flop kinda depends on your read on villain.
    What do you think his donkbet indicates? You can either raise for protection and value, putting him on a big heart, or just two overs, or you can call to see if he keeps betting on later streets.
    Since he only bet half pot, he probably has no flush draw and was hoping you'd fold.
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      Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
      You can't 3-bet the flop, because you acted second.
      Arrrg!! (haha looks like a sound an animal makes, lol) I always make that mistake. Ofcourse you're right it should have been 2-bet or just raise.

      I had just a few hands on villain so it was hard to actually tell what his action ment. I decided to play r/f which probably would indicate a strong FD or overpair like QQ+ (set would also be possible btw) if he'd 3-bet me (yep now it's a 3-bet).

      But as I don't think a lot of weaker hands would call my raise, so I am still wondering if calling would be ok as I would give him a lot of possibilities to improve. Also any A,K, Q will make my further actions even more difficult.
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        Hi Iggy,

        The donk bet often means a draw or some kind of 1 pair hand, thus raising has merit in the absence of other reads. But it's awkward in that if the villain plays draws aggressively a raise by you sets him up nicely to 3b shove as a semi-bluff. But it has the upside of not letting a hand like 88 with a single heart see the turn cheaply.

        All that said, if you felt like he wouldn't call a raise with worse hands, then calling in position is fine. If bad cards come off and he continues to fire them, you can still fold and be done with the hand fairly cheaply.
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