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10nl Zoom - J2s in a limped pot.

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  • 10nl Zoom - J2s in a limped pot.

    UTG is an unknown single tabler. When he limps UTG I think his range is very wide, hence when I flop a FD I think it's a good time to stab at the pot as a semi bluff. He'll fold a large amount of the time also if I am raised I don't mind calling. He does raise and I call, luckily for me I hit my flush OTT. The aggression he's shown narrows his range to straight draws (KJ), TPGK, 2 pair (QT & AQ OTT) and sets, he could also have a number of worse flushes such as 8s9s 7s8s 5s6s etc. I decide that his range will be betting this turn nearly 100% of the time so decide a x.r is in order. He obliges and the flats my x/r. One of the worst possible cards come OTR when the board pairs and I'm stuck for what to do. I don't think QT will call a bet, KJ may even make a fold on this river and AQ and sets (OTT) just outdrew me. I'm unsure how many worse flushes call a bet OTR, nevertheless I decided to bet half pot to get value from worse flushes but I'm unsure if my bet sizing is okay? Should I have bet smaller? Thanks Oliver
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    Yuk! What's even worse is that both of you are deep!
    OTT, I think I would have c/r larger. say 4-4.3

    I think I'd bet even less OTR for a blocking bet instead of thin value tbh.
    (I hate limpers that show post-flop aggression; their line is not logical and could sometimes mean slow playing a big hand preflop like AA/KK which they were planning to limp/raise)

    I don't know, in the heat of the moment I would have probably played it like you.


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      i'd raise bigger on the turn, like say 4-4.50ish?? n prepare to shove the river in any case.. (puke 1st then shove that is)
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        Hi Oliver,

        I like how you played the hand. You could consider folding flop against his raise since you guys are deep, your flushdraw is only J high, he could be raising better fds and you are OOP.

        As played I like b/f'ing river with the size you chose. He will most likely be jamming only better hands here and since it was a limped pot you should be able to get away from what looks like a big hand when your relative hand strength goes way down.
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