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bad play or bad timing

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  • bad play or bad timing

    heey guys again its zoom so i have no info on them
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    your steal is pretty loose for a move without any read. you flop a flush draw and the flop and turn is fine. it´s no mistake to check behind turn to take a free card. turning your busted draw into a bluff needs a read. otherwise it´s check/fold to a villain who showed you that he´s not unlikely to call you down. make a note on villain.


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      T2s is too weak for me to try stealing with unless I know the blinds are both rocks.
      As played, the c-bet is standard, but I'm not putting in another cent (unless I make the flush) after the flop bet is check-called.
      Triple barrelling with ten high at these stakes is pure spew I'm afraid.
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        ok ty guys i have been experiencing allot of folds on turn/river at 5nl but should not have played it like this ty guys
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          Hi ad,

          Some general advice first... Start taking notes. You play enough zoom that you should have reads sometimes even if you're not using a HUD.

          Also, top up your stack imo.

          I think this is too loose a steal without reads, I would fold T2.

          Flop c-bet is fine. Turn I don't like barreling, whatever he called you with on the flop isn't going to fold to this turn card, so just take a freebee instead of charging yourself to draw. If you miss, give up to a river bet, and you might bluff if all the other draws miss and he checks to you (if you river a pair just check it down as you have showdown value, and bet for value if you make the flush obv)
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            heey dave thanx. when i look at the hand agian i totaly agree :P. im going to get a HUD next week gonna try to grind one week through so decided that i should get a HUD then :P
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