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5NL Zoom calling turn shove with overpair

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  • 5NL Zoom calling turn shove with overpair

    Villain 5 is two-tabling, 7 is one-tabler, each had <100 bb so probably recreational players both. 3-bet preflop s my standard play with QQ otb. Flop is nice (no A or even K) but somewhat wet so checking back doesn't look good multiway. Apparent brick fell on the turn and my opp shoved. As played I figured I had enough equity to call on SPR 1/2 - so call it was. Those weird shoves in my experience are either for value (odd AA/KK or set) or bluffs. Is call here profitable/close/bad? I always consider shove into smaller stack somewhat fishy - is there any truth to it? What SPR I need to fold overpair vs turn shove (rough number vs unknown)?

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    Villain's shove on the deuce of spades (about as blank as you can have on this board) is realy weird. If you call off your 1.36 then the equity you need is 1.36/(2.92 + 1.36 + 1.36) = 1.36/5.64 = 24%
    while villain shows up with a set quite often, I see some villains donk shoving with TPTK or draws here, so a call with your overpair looks standard to me. Villain is certainly doing this with worse than QQ more than a quarter of the time.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Hi wwictor

      I like your preflop 3-bet. However, you have a strong hand and are in position. I would have made it 40 cents rather than 45 cents. Getting called by two villains isn't great though. What type of hand would V5 min-raise from ep then call a 3-bet with? Without a read, I would put him on a pocket pair and maybe AJs+.

      On the flop you need to decide how you intend on playing the rest of the hand. You started the hand with only 51bbs. Your smallish stack makes this tricky. Normally, I would suggest betting about 70% of the pot on the flop. However, this will not leave you with enough behind for a significant bet on future streets. You need to decide now if you want to risk your whole stack on this hand. If no, then check the flop and reevaluate on the turn. If yes, which is the way I would have played this hand, bet about 105 cents, with the intention of getting the rest in on the turn. You need to bet enough to give poor odds to anyone chasing.

      (BTW, I always auto-top up my stack whenever it drops below 80% of the max.)

      You bet half the pot. I don't care for this bet size. It is too small to give poor odds to anyone chasing a draw. While it is also risking a third of your stack. Notice that that after villain 5 calls, the pot is 292 cents and you have 136 behind. You have less than half the pot. So any meaningful bet will put you all in. The villain may have recognized this and simply shoved rather than betting exactly 136 cents. Either way, I would call this bet every time. You might run into AA, KK or a set, but you will be ahead often enough to make this profitable.

      Normally, I try to avoid playing for stacks with "just a pair" at Zoom. If you had had a 100bb starting stack, I would have folded to the turn bet.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX



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