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2NL flop set on montone board, hit boat on turn. How do I get money in the pot.

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  • 2NL flop set on montone board, hit boat on turn. How do I get money in the pot.

    Villain had been playing tight and leading out 4x pre flop when playing. Usually cbet and won his pots without reaching showdown. [edit] He also tended to fold when bet at. I was happy to check out of position on the flop to the pre flop raiser and was suprised when he checked behind me. Turn gives me the full house so I lead out just under half the pot. He then gives a small raise. I'm happy, but not sure how best to play to get money in the pot. I figured he was trying to get a cheap fold out of me and was perhaps drawing to the flush with a K or Q. Should I 3 bet here? or call like I did and hope he hits his heart on the river? Is my bet sizing on the river OK @ 50% of the pot? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I find I win a lot of my pots without making showdown when I have the better hand.
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    Hi Andrew,

    This is the kind of spot I like to lead out actually. If the villain has 2 black kings, we probably won't get action anyway unless he sucks out on us. But we will get action from big aces and big hearts, and maybe raised by a combo of both like AcQh, allowing us to 3b right on the flop. Players don't expect someone do donk into the preflop raiser with a monster.

    So the flop goes c/c, I think we should bet more on the turn. He's probably trying to keep the pot small with showdown value or drawing when he checks back the flop, in both cases he'll pay more than .08c into .18... probably betting at least .12c there, and even up to .18 is ok.

    We bet .08 and the villain raises to .22. Definitely reraise here. This opens up the possibility that he has KQh or KJh and flopped the nuts. If he flopped top set he probably bets this board, but the nut flush people love to slowplay. If he's making a move with air why didn't he bet the flop? If he's semi-bluffing though he will call a raise assuming he thinks he has the right price. So if you 3b small to like .45c, he'd have to call .23 into .85, 3.7-1 with implied odds to win more if he hits a flush draw (which is actually drawing dead). It's also small enough that it gives him room to spaz out and shove if he thinks you're fooling around.

    The type of villain you describe is hard to get action from, but when you have a monster, you have to try. Betting and raising is the way to build the pot, and hope he has enough to cooperate with your goal.
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      Thanks for the analysis, really helpful.

      And I think he nearly did make a move on the river. It took him quite a while to fold compared to his normal speed of playing.



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