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5NL - AK 3bet pot OOP

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  • 5NL - AK 3bet pot OOP

    Hi PSO-ers, Villain is 18/14/5 (235 hands) F3bet 67% (3 hands) FCbet IP 25% (4 Hands) Q1. Flop: okay to cbet? Q2. Turn: c/c, c/f, b/f

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    I probably give UTG openers a little too much credit, but I'm nearly always flatting (not 3-betting) with AK here. I want to win a small pot here, not lose a big one.
    The reason is that villain's range UTG is already narrow. When you 3-bet, it narrows even more. He 4-bets KK+, folds smaller pairs and anything worse than AK (so you win a whole 20c), and often calls with TT-JJ. (Some flat with QQ, some 4-bet).
    So where is your value if he folds worse hands, raises better ones, and flats with hands that are flipping with you?
    For more on what Nikachu calls "range manipulation", see his infamous video clip.
    (It's hilarious, as well as instructive).

    This villain flatted, so he probably has TT-QQ or AK. When villain calls your c-bet, you should know you're behind. You picked up the NFD on the turn, but villain either just made a boat, or has an overpair. If he has TT, you have no flush outs. You're drawing dead. Not a nice place to be.

    P.S. Fast forward to 4:00 in Nikachu's video for this exact situation. (UTG open, AK in SB). Pay close attention to the words he says. (It's not pretty!)
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      Hi geo,

      I'm with Arty on this one, I don't like 3-betting AK vs a strong range of hands here unless the opponent folds way too tight or calls way too loose (3 hands is irrelevant so we don't know). In general we will fold out hands we want to play agianst with this action like AQ, AJ, KQ and narrow his range too much to hands that play well against AK in position.

      C-bet is fine and I would generally make it too, but I would never barrel this turn. Although we pick up the nut flush draw the villain is clearly in the lead and not going to go anywhere, so we are just charging outselves to draw (and risking getting raised). Semi-bluffing is good when there's a bluff component, and his range here should be very strong at this point in the hand (including TT or maybe 99 which we are drawing dead against). Check and fold to a big bet, call a small one, and hope he's got something like JJ and gives us a free card to draw out on him.
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        Okay, thanks guys!
        @ArtySmokesPS, gonna take a look at that vid.

        I might need to reasses my 3Bet game plan.



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