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Bad play?

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  • Bad play?

    Been pondering this play for a few days now. The villain was pretty tight and passive, already had to rebuy twice after getting felted. He bought in for $3 both times instead of the full $10.

    Hand Information
    10NL 6max (6 handed).

    Table Information
    Seat: 1 Villain1 ($10) Small Blind
    Seat: 2 Villain2 ($10.13) Big Blind
    Seat: 3 Ov3rsight ($9.78)
    Seat: 4 Villain4 ($10.42)
    Seat: 5 Villain5 ($3.47)
    Seat: 6 Villain6 ($13.23) Dealer
    Dealt to Ov3rsight

    Preflop (Pot:0.15)
    Ov3rsight raises to $0.27
    Villain4 folds
    Villain5 calls $0.27
    Villain6 folds
    Villain1 folds
    Villain2 folds

    Flop(Pot: $0.69)

    Ov3rsight bets $0.37
    Villain5 raises to $0.74
    Ov3rsight calls $0.37

    Turn(Pot: $2.17)

    Ov3rsight checks
    Villain5 bets $0.50
    Ov3rsight calls $0.50

    River(Pot: $3.17)

    My thinking:
    Preflop it's easy: standard raise. One caller, just as I want it.

    The flop has an Ace. Of course it does, it always does when you have Kings. Still, the guy's pretty passive and thus I make a c-bet. He doesn't necessarily have an ace and could be calling with draws or worse pairs. I've seen him call down all the way to the river before with just a Q high and other assorted crappy holdings.
    Instead he raises. Could he be trying something here? Or did he flop the ace? I'm not sure. I hadn't seen him making any raises before, not even when he held good hands. I saw him check the nuts in position on the river an orbit before. I didn't wanna give up the Kings just yet.

    The turn is a blank. Perhaps a bit weary of the flop-raise, I check. He bets for less than 1/4 pot. Could be trying to draw me in, but I'm getting great odds here. Still not convinced he has the ace. At this point the plan is to check-call the river. He only has $1.96 left and the pot is now #3.17. I doubt he is caable of setting up a turn bet so he can shove the river. Something in the way he played the past hour tells me he's not doing that.

    So the river's another blank.

    Questions (as far as possible answering them):
    Do you agree with not mucking the kings on the flop?
    What are thoughts concerning the call on the turn?
    How about the plan to check-call the river?
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    i think the answers to your questions aren´t that tough that you can´t find them on yourself.

    when thinking about villains range you have to think about your own ranges first, means what does villain mostlikely think you play utg.

    based on that you should think about a range villain mostlikely will play against the perceived range.

    an educated guess would be that i wouldn´t worry that much about the flush draw but about beeing beat by a set or AT+. you described villain as pretty tight passive so i think it would be surprising to see him drawing agressively. as the passive player makes action now i think he has nuts or close to it.

    about your questions...

    a) i don´t like the flop call. calling the makes only sense in case you think villain is bluffing and with a raise you would push out the bluffs. so if you don´t think villain is bluffing you have to decide if it´s a semibluff with a combo draw or flush draw or does villain ahve you beat. the problem is as long as villain doesn´t shove you have to call him down when you think he might be bluffing. very exploitable and you give him some extra value on his sets and top pairs. in addition you give away the pressure of agression which is key against passive players.

    so i don´t like C/C in that spot and strongly recommend R/F.

    b) see a) it´s plain and simple cheaper to play B/F and you keep the aggression and pressure up.

    c) the plan is nice if villain is an aggressive regular and gives villain the possibility to bluff which adds value to your hand but against a passive player sitting on the nuts you burn money and against a passive player on a busted draw you get only a check behind and give away valueable info about your postflop play. with all respect the hand should already be over at latest on turn but if ever the line on river should be as well B/F.
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      Hi Ov3r,

      I agree with DD, don't like the flop call at all... a tight passive player rates to have us beat when he raises the flop. The board is wet and an aggressive player might semi-bluff hoping you don't hold the ace, but tight/passives don't play draws aggressively, tend to only play monster made hands aggressively. Remember the way we beat tight-passive players is to grind them out of small and medium pots when they don't have a hand, and don't give them action when they smash it. I would just fold to his raise.

      All that being said, I would suggest examining your read for accuracy. You said "I've seen him call down all the way to the river before with just a Q high and other assorted crappy holdings." This is not a statement I would imagine we could make about a tight player, it sounds quite loose to me actually. It's still passive though so like DD said, Bet/fold is a good line here imo too.
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        Well, you're spot on for passive. We both checked the river and he flipped over pocket queens....
        The Road to Fame and Fortune - Keeping track of my poker semi-career
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