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5NL FR Zoom handling nut straight on twotone flop

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  • 5NL FR Zoom handling nut straight on twotone flop

    No reads on opps (I play now without tracker - so had to switch to more linear 50 bb game) My first question lies with size of flop reraise - was shove practical or lesser bet might bring more profit (since I'm committed anyway)? Would I be committed with set here (TT-88)? What should I do with my hand here if effective stacks were say 100+ bb? I feel I overbet in these situations too often - another reason to switch to 50 bb.

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    I think your approaching this hand from the wrong angle. Your pre-flop play here was the most critical point in the hand. I would start your questions there rather than the flop.

    In my opinion you played your hand perfectly on the flop considering the circumstances, but all the issues you have with this hand could have been solved by taking a different line pre-flop.


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      Hi wwictor,

      I'm not entirely sure what you mean by more linear 50bb game, but am assuming you mean more straight forward or simpler strategy? I'm honestly not sure what this has to do with the choice to use a HUD or not... if you normally play 100bb's then that's still your best bet imo as you'd already be familiar with playing that stack size, betting patterns on that depth of money, etc.

      Your first question is about flop play (raise sizing), but starting at the beginning, I wouldn't limp in behind the initial limper with a weak hand like QJo... if the opponents behind me are tighter or conservative I would often raise to isolate this guy. If they're loose I probably just dump this hand, and with no reads and only a 52bb stack, just dump it. I'm really not eager to get raised with this holding, and even when not raised, if we get a couple more callers QJo doesn't play all that well multiway.

      So the button min-raises the limps, just a pot sweetener and kind of a silly raise imo, but definitely have to call .05c more when it comes back to you for this price.

      Flop the nuts is always nice.

      So on your raise sizing, it's probably too much as it makes opponents behind you likely to fold some hands they might give action with for a smaller bet. Stuff like 77, Q9, etc. I definitely like raising, V5 rates to have a pretty good made hand or combo hand (Jh9h for example), and we currently cooler that entire range, so we want to re-open the betting to him and allow him to raise again, as well as get more money in now before something comes off that looks scary to them. In this case I would raise small... V5's raise is .37c so a min-reraise would be the same making it .86c to go... Rather than click back I might go like .98c. If V9, 1, or 3 have a decent hand (or draw) this may entice them to call and try to hit their hand, and then the door is open for V5 to jam and push the callers out, adding a ton of dead money to the pot we hold the lion's share of most of the time (the only time we're in bad shape is against specifically QhJh).

      What should I do with my hand here if effective stacks were say 100+ bb?
      Probably a similar thing. The villain is only 82bb's deep so it's not that different. If we were both deeper I might extend the raise sizing to a larger one that .98c, maybe you make it like $1.30 or something. Whatever the depth of money is, just think about if he calls, getting stacks in on the turn or river with a normal sized bet (or bets) and go from there.
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        Thanks for answers to both of youumbup: The only reason I omitted asking about preflop is that I knew it was too loose (gimme JTs over QTo anytime) before I did it. I simply lack discipline sometimes. Had I l o s t the hand due to postflop blunder I would never post it-inking:-- It's hard to judge yourself when winning.



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