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Classic Battle: Draw vs Strong Made Hand!

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  • Classic Battle: Draw vs Strong Made Hand!

    This is a hand I played last week (2NLHE CASH 6-MAX) and I would welcome some feedback from the way I played it, regarding the result. In this case the villain is an average TAG player and I guess I had an action player image (normally I'm TAG) by the moment, since I had played hard several hands without going to showdown. I only have to add that by his actions on the flop I put him on a SET or an OVERPAIR. Thanks you for watching it umbup:
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    Hi guataco,

    Preflop flat in position vs. a TAG I like here. On the flop if we're raising I would raise less, like .25c, as this forces a smaller 3b from overpairs (most likely) and gives us a reasonable 4b shove sizing to have some fold equity. Although the 3b to .90c doesn't leave us much fold equity, I'd probably shove right now anyway. We can get at least a few folds, and most of the cards that get us there might scare him away from stacking off so we want to get him in now. Plus if he's taking an aggressive line with A7 or 77 we definitely want him all in right now (and I assume if he 3b those he's calling off with them every time). This isn't outside the realm of possibility if he views us as an action player.

    I don't really like your call of the .90c, because on blank turns we are probably facing a shove. Not sure if you looked at the math in game, but we'll need about 25% equity and have 26% vs. overpairs and sets, so we'll call off behind with 1 card to come on basically a break even proposition. When the turn isn't a blank, when it gets us there, a 4, 7, or 9 all look scary to him, not sure we'll get the rest or not. So I'd rather get it in now.

    In a higher stakes game with a savvy villain, it would also be a viable option to flat call in position on the flop and float him. He won't suspect as strongly we have a 7 then (action players raise draws), and we can play the turn and river in position, choosing to call down, take free cards, or make a raise (looks stronger on the turn). I would float this type of player with a wide range in position, on this depth of money, with this board texture, so it's nice to have this type of hand strength sometimes... if it shows down then future floats will be much more effective as they'll be more balanced.
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