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10NL 6-max Zoom - sb completes and donks pot on AK7 rainbow

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom - sb completes and donks pot on AK7 rainbow


    This is another of my - what is WRONG with the villain's line?

    Put your thoughts in their shoes - I was the hero but now the villain. I did a couple of these at 5NL but this is worse.

    We (as the villain) complete the sb with a profitable stack looking at Forrest's stack which is a little bit shorter.

    The flop comes AK7 rainbow and we donkament a pot size bet?

    Is there something wrong with this line? Then with another huge solid lead on the turn 5 - desparation?

    Then to not bet the river is WRONG again. Forrest checks and here are your >>cards<< Player 2.

    This is exactly the same line I took with A2s at 5NL a judgement call on a bad line that looked suspicious.

    I am being serious about this. Folding too often in these mad micros. A few hands earlier same 10NL stakes - I isolate a limper who 3-bet $12 in my face. Good hand and I have to fold and forfeit 50c.
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Tue Feb 12, 2013, 08:24 AM. Reason: typo - hero now villain

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    Hi Forrest,

    I'm not sure what you're asking in this one tbh, but unlike your A2s hand I would never be folding here, for me this is a pretty straight forward call down. Readless anyway, vs. a nit I would probably fold the turn, but that's it.

    Most players would raise blind v blind with any ace, so unless the villain is very passive (more likely to limp an ace), then he doesn't rate to have one. Many would also raise a big king. Since we have no reads, we can't feel very sure here, but I would rate him to be on a weak king, a 7, or a total bluff quite often (simply because we didn't raise his limp, he probably thinks WE don't have an ace or king too often).

    This is the same post flop line you took in the A2s hand but it's not the same situation at all. There the villain open raised in EP and called your button 3B... ranges are much stronger there (for both the villain and you) than they are here blind v blind limped (where many players steal aggressively to begin with). When we have a hand at the top of our range (and here A6 certainly qualifies since we didn't raise his limp) and the opponent's range rates to be fairly weak, we should not be folding. In the A2s hand you had a hand not near the top of your range (since you 3b the top of your range is much stronger than this) and the villains range includes a lot of stronger hands, so folding makes more sense imo.
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