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25NL 6-max zoom: AKs river value with flopped flush

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  • 25NL 6-max zoom: AKs river value with flopped flush

    Hi all, preflop: I decide to flat call the bb's 3-bet with my AKs against an unknown opponent on the bb. flop: since he checks the flop, I decide to fire a smallish bet to make it look like I have one diamond in my hand or simply that I am going for a cheap steal of the pot. turn: a really nice card hits the turn that might have helped his hand. I on the other hand decide to play it like I didn't like the A and I want a free card to hit another diamond on the river. river: the opponnent fires what looks like an A value bet and here I decide to put him in. the thing is that any other raise size would look even stronger (at least that's what I think), while my jam might look like a busted flush (my initial plan for smallish bet on flop and check-back on the turn). 1. should I have bet smallish on the turn as well to let him check/jam with an A, if he so wishes? 2. would a smaller raise be more likely to get a call, or a jam is fine?

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    Hi f1n,

    Preflop flatting in position is fine, so is 4-betting. On the flop I prefer betting bigger in order to build the pot, we're getting check/called by a lot of non-diamond overpairs. If he's whiffed he'll just fold to any bet most likely, but if he's got an overpair he's calling, so grow the pot more when he calls. $3.25 would be better than $2.25 and it's hard to see what hands he would call the smaller bet with, that he would fold to the bigger one?

    I also do like betting the turn, if he folds, he folds, but I think we'll get called quite a bit here when it's not a diamond. If he happens to have peeled with AK (figuring he's ahead of flush draws), then you give him a chance to make a big mistake and raise like you noted.

    River jam is fine, honestly when you check back the turn and raise the river it looks like the nuts, so the turn line probably costs you a chance to get called on the river raise no matter what the sizing.
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