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5NL 6-max Zoom. Fun in the micros facing a 4x open i 3-bet my btn with A2s

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  • 5NL 6-max Zoom. Fun in the micros facing a 4x open i 3-bet my btn with A2s

    Hi, This is another micros What the Flop is going on? If we don't see a showdown how can we discuss the action and learn? A 4x open raise (+1/hj) calls my button 3-bet (Ad2d) then solid bet donks a AhKc4c flop, again on turn Th and then puts me all-in on river 8c. So with 2 flush draws out there hearts and clubs and I have diamonds with top pair and my 2 kicker just improved to an 8 playing the board. Nice hand sir with your 2 stacks and Ax of clubs or the flush got there. umbup: But should I have called >>this hand<< when the villain empties the clip with a 3rd barrel? Why do I do it? I think it's funny and at the same time very
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Feb 08, 2013, 08:45 AM. Reason: 2 stacks (profitable zoom player)

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    Hi ForrestFive,

    First of all, you don't present a reason for 3-betting light an early pos 4x raise, which in essence is going a bit too far. If for a example the opponent was a crazy 40/40 lag who folds to 3-bets a lot, then your light 3-bet is perfectly reasonable going for a re-steal. However, without reads, I think it is not too promising (especially at 5NL) to go around randomly 3-betting opponents without reads.

    As far as postflop play is concerned and especially without reads, I might even fold to the donk bet on the flop. The reason for that, is that the average opponent who does that at 5NL would have an A (and we don't beat any A) and more rarely a flush draw or a K. In any case though, if he continues barrelling the turn, we cannot call no matter what he has. We are just praying that this random opponent decides to 3-barrell a flush there and we have no idea where we are at the hand.
    Therefore, I think you have a clear-cut fold on the turn if you decide to call the flop and see what the opponent has to say on the turn. In the long run, I can confidently say that this 3-barrell calling will be a clearly -EV play.

    Hope this helps.

    p.s. glad that you put this hand on, since it shows you are not results-oriented, which is definitely good.


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      Hi Forrest,

      Readless I would fold preflop, how is 3-betting going to be profitable here? Without reads, I don't think we know.

      As played, I would call the flop lead and fold to the turn barrel, seems doubtful he's firing 2 big barrels with a worse hand. Readless, that is my best assumption.
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        Without reads, fold to the donkbet on the flop, or (definitely) on the turn.
        If this villain is a maniac that routinely barrels with air or weak pairs, then calling down is fine. It's a horrible river card though. There's really nothing you beat there apart from crazy bluffs.
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          It's been said over and over
          You need a plan, so what was your plan with A-Rag?
          Hoping to catch a flush or a possible straight?
          Definitely not catching an A, as your kicker is way to low

          With him betting 4x, what did you expect him to have?
          If you think he's got Ax, you're beat.

          It's a definitely a fold pre flop and also post flop for me


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            Hi guys thanks for your replies, I know this looks like a bad line. But sitting in the villain's seat looking at Forrest's chips what is WRONG with the action. Who makes a mp 4x open raise 6-max? I may do that utg for being in the worst position and nothing to do with hand strength. An in-experienced player may make a 4x raise due to hand strength. So I 3-bat and didn't get the expected 4-bet answer. This is looking so WRONG to me when the huge donkament came - what value am I (villain) getting with a bet that size? So I stuck with it at that point and called down. Have a plan - if it smells like a fish looks like a fish... then showed down T9o. Trust your judgement every once in a while. Maybe we are losing a bit more money than necessary hitting the fold button. umbup:



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