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25 NL 6-max: How-to adapt range VS aggro short-stacker

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  • 25 NL 6-max: How-to adapt range VS aggro short-stacker

    Hi all, The reason for opening this topic is not a hand in particular, but rather the range of hands that should be played against a 4-tabler aggressive short-stacker, presenting 3 hands played against this player. The opponent is playing a 50bbs stack and his stats over 50 hands look like 28/28 with 3-bet% 26%. His stats are highly laggy, opening lightly and 3-betting super wide; restealing and putting stack decisions to his opponents with his short stack. 1. When such a player is to act behind us, how are we to adapt our range of opening hands against this sort of opponent. 2. Tightening our range n only playing hands that we are willing to play for stacks 50bbs against him, is the way to go, or should we keep our range a bit wider n minimizing our losses by min-raise stealing? 3 examples of preflop hands against him. (put in spoiler tag to have better space management)

    [/SPOILER] Thank you!

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    Hi f1n,

    First of all 28/28 isn't quite "highly laggy" for 6-max in my book. It's certainly not tight but it's somewhat in the middle of TAG and LAG, maybe leaning more towards the LAG side.

    I wouldn't let him interfere too much with your plan when other deeper stacks could potentially be involved. But when considering him specifically I would do a little blend of the 2 things you suggested, plus a third...

    1. tigten up a bit but not too much, he is still folding over 7 times out of 10 after all.
    2. Raise smaller against him... he is probably 3-betting or folding a similar range regardless of whether you make it 4x, 3x, or . If that's true, then is the most profitable open for you.
    3. Mix in a few light 4-bets. If you are opening for , and he 3-bets proportionally to ~ 6x, you could actually put him to a stack decision for about 14x if he's only playing 50 effectve. So over time we want to determine how loose or tight he's stacking off. For example, if he 3-bets 26% of the time but only stacks off 5%, then he'd be folding to our 4b about 80% of the time, making it immediately profitable to repop him light and fold to a 5b jam. (blind v blind we'd be risking 14x to win 8x when he folds, we need him to fold ~ 64% of the time to show a profit assuming we never win when he doesn't fold).
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