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5nl Zoom - AKo UTG. Can I fold the turn?

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  • 5nl Zoom - AKo UTG. Can I fold the turn?

    The villain is an unknown. Preflop and flop bet seem standard to me, as does the turn bet as worse K still call. Should I have bet the turn smaller to get calls from hands such as 89 or is targetting the top pairs hands in his range with a 2/3 bet okay? When he raises I felt like I'd run into a turned two pair again and really wanted to fold. However I convinced myself he might do this as a bluff and check down the river. On the river I think it's a pretty clear fold but I find myself asking the same question, should I have folded the turn? Thanks Oliver
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    Hi Oliver,

    Baluga theorem imo.

    I think betting is fine, the only flopped draw that got there is specifically 97 so we can get value from worse kings and draws. I would bet a little less than this to encourage calls from 8x and weaker pairs. Checking OOP can also be fine against some opponent types, but vs. an unknown random at microstakes I'd generally take a bet/bet/bet line. Once he raises, it's pretty safe to fold. As Baluga stated, when we get popped on the turn it's time to re-evaluate the strength of our 1 pair hands. No reason to think this is some kind of bluff or semi-bluff line without reads, and it certainly can be 2 pair or a set. Also no reason (readless) to think he will kindly give us a free showdown if we call the raise... there'll be 3.50 in the pot and he's only got 4.09 left so we're likely facing either half his stack or all of it on the river.

    Until I see different or get reads, probably going with a bet/fold line on the turn and river in this type of spot in microstakes. I might check/call or check/fold the worst river cards (depending on what he does). Those would basically be the Qs or Js as they improve so much of his range of hands that would call a turn bet.
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      Yeah, it's textbook Baluga. It's just annoying that the turn raise is only a minraise, making it seem like you have a good price on a call. (If you had a draw to go with your pair - or instead of a pair - then you can call. But with one pair, no draw, a fold is prudent).

      Just remember that if a villain raises on an early street, he's nearly always betting the next one. So don't call the raise if you plan to check-fold to a bet on the next street.
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        sigh nothing we can do on the turn to make that discipline fold

        hard to fold turn reraise like this because of the draws like there but what will you do on the river if you call the turn reraise, call again? if you fold to a river bet you waste the call on the turn so I might fold on the turn reraise

        *just my opinion but im not a good cash player in fact im a losing cash player



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