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5nl zoom having misplayed my self to this spot do i now call?

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  • 5nl zoom having misplayed my self to this spot do i now call?

    was tilting had already clicked the sit out next hand buttom in this 5nl zoom session but still played it (mistake 1) villain 3 only had 5 hands on and this is his first raise villain 4 I have over 500 hands and he is a solid TAG villain 5 loose passive fit or fold so do I have to call or am i beat even if i do make a 10 high flush? Villain 5 and 1 both fold.. Grade b
    Last edited by Grade b; Thu Feb 07, 2013, 04:19 AM.
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    I personally am spam clicking the fold button as soon as the BB clicks it back and is then raised. I know it can be a nice spot to play some speculative hands like this but I think it's just too much of your stack to get in pre against so many opponents, especially ones that seem happy to be facing such action.

    As for the post flop decision if it was some kind of combo draw I'd be sticking it in but on a paired board with just the 10 high flush draw I'm saving what money I have.

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      Hi Grade b,

      You already addressed the preflop issue with staying in this hand for the action as given, so nothing more to say there. Total investment on this hand should have been .15c. Kudos for recognizing tilt and sitting out.

      On the flop this is a pretty clear fold if you think about it (I'm guessing you called, as the last thing that happens during tilt is clear thought). A quick look at the math and we need about 33% equity to make the call IF V3 overcalls behind us adding to the pot. We don't have it. If we were up against a single opponent who held AK without the Ks, we'd have 33% and be at the break even point. Change that to the Ks and our equity drops to 27%. In this case our situation is worse.... we have 2 opponents instead of 1, we're not drawing to the nut flush, and the board is paired... so there are hands in their ranges against which we're drawing dead. Not just full house possibilities but also a bigger flush... if one has AK and one has a bigger flush draw we are in bad shape. If one has AK and one has a smaller flush draw, our equity is only ~ 23% since we have less outs.

      As a general rule of thumb, when your equity is about break even in your best case scenario, and there are worst case scenarios that are significantly worse, just fold.
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        TY Dave and Fayden,

        Yes I did call, then when I looked again I was thinking How often can i be good in a spot like that!!

        Tonight I shall avoid them I think.

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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