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5NL Zoom 6-max bluffing line

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  • 5NL Zoom 6-max bluffing line

    Villain is almost unknown (9/9/0 after 22 hands). I am fully aware of loose preflop call. My default play is folding JJ-, AQ- to 3-bets in BT vs Blind. Is it too tight for 6-max? Flop was too perfect for c-bet to fold mediocre overpair, but thinking backwards I would have dropped my hand after another barrel (that's why smart players fold 99 pre in the spot) had turn be anything but A. Just want sane player's opinion on overall profitability of this bluff vs unknown opp at micros. Is any point to do it? (namely turn 1/2 and river pot-sized bets). Cards aligned perfectly in my mind the moment I shoved. Is it fancy play syndrome? I love playing on the button. Look for any excuse to.

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    Hi wwictor,

    A good rule of thumb regarding bluffing in micro-stakes: Don't do it.

    Now sometimes good spots come up for bluffs but they are somewhat rare in microstakes and you should do them sparingly.

    I would not try to set up a bluff here for a couple reasons:

    1) the villain's preflop range is strong. In micros our best bluffing opportunities come when the villain's range is weak, you won't make money trying to make them fold strong hands. In order to get them to fold a strong hand they have to be:

    2) A thinking player who is ranging you. Readless, my general assumption is they are not at 5nl until I see differently.

    Here I would just fold to his 3b preflop. 22 hands isn't much but 9/9 is pretty tight, and he's 3-betting out of position to your cut off open. It's not a great spot to look for the more elaborate bluffs trying to get him off strong hands, and there's no guarantee he'll pay off a set mine either.

    I love playing on the button. Look for any excuse to.
    Looks to me like you're not on the button.
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      I too wouldn't make a habit of fancy bluffs at 5NL, especially against nits that can't fold a big pair, but I'd love to know what he check-called the turn and river with. Did he show up with QQ-TT (against which your bluff SHOULD have worked), or did he get fancy himself with AA/KK/AK?
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        He actually folded.


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          Ah, I think he had QQ-TT then. Well played.
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