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2NL Zoom - UTG called big 3b, flop decision

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  • 2NL Zoom - UTG called big 3b, flop decision

    Villain called my 3b. What range could he have? JJ+, AQ+ or what else? The flop would hit his range quite alot, but not always. Also the turn could hit his range a lot. So this hand I would like to know if I should have bet the flop or turn? I didn't know what range he could have so I went in passive mode ending up with letting the hand go. So was this the right play or am I giving away my hand to easily as I'm IP and should at least try to win the pot on the flop?

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    Hi Iggy,

    I like the preflop line and sizing. You're asking about villain ranging but have no reads to offer, so that's a pretty tough order. Still, even readless, I think JJ+ and AQ+ is just too tight, especially for 2NL. Sure a tight villain may be about this, but a loose one may call you with any ace, 2 broadway cards, any pair, etc.

    I think checking back the flop is fine, it's pretty hard to get called by any worse hands on this board and better ones (Ax+) won't fold obviously. Your best bet for getting called by worse is flush draws, but again how wide is he calling your preflop 3b? We don't know, but big flush draws aren't possible since the ace is on the board and we have the K, so he'd need to be calling with weak suited broadways and suited connectors etc to even have a flush draw.

    On the turn I would bet after being checked to again. Now we can get called by JJ/TT/99 with a diamond, KQ, QJ... plenty of worse hands to give value plus some additional hand equity vs. trip aces having picked up the flush draw.

    As played I would call him down. When we check it back twice I think we are begging to be bluffed at, and all his non-Q broadways plus small and medium pairs will be prone to taking a shot given our line. Especially hands like 22-66 which can't win without betting as they are counterfeited by the 2 pair on board.
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      Good points you make Especially about the smaller pairs that are "counterfeited by the 2 pair on board". Didn't think of that. Also I had a "eureka" moment (I'm not even sure if that's an english word) when you said to check the flop as we can only be called by better and bet the turn as we can be called by a lot more worse hands. I don't know why, but it got me thinking TY!



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