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2NL Zoom - AKo OOP in 3bet pot

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  • 2NL Zoom - AKo OOP in 3bet pot

    Here I am sitting with AKo in the BB and face a 3bet pot. Villain 1 min raises Villain 5. I noticed that some players do this with KK and AA to keep people in the hand or hope that someone will 4bet them so thay can push AI. But because I find AK to good to fold right away I just called to prevent facing a 5bet that I really don't want to call. Then I hit a wonderfull flop. I hold the nut FD and Have two overs. But still I don't have much more than a draw. I decided to proceed with caution and check hoping one of them would make a reasonable bet that I could call. Betting myself would probably give me another difficult decision as I would probably face a 3bet I tought. So Villain 5 ended betting 1/3 pot giving me great odds to call and hit my draw. The turn was great, but then I din't know what to do anymore ending up checking it down and not getting my value. So here my questions should I bet the flop for value? And the turn/river? Or should I have done it completely different? Any thoughts are more than welcome.

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    Hi Iggy,

    The villain is betting 60% of the pot on the flop, not 1/3rd (.22 into .37). I generally would proceed aggressively with a big draw as we have some fold equity to leverage here against other AK holdings plus hands like TT/99, and we have reasonable hand equity when they don't fold. You said you didn't want to bet yourself worried about facing a 3bet, I'm guessing you meant check-raise and potentially face a 3bet... if you check to the raiser I would raise to about .60c but it does present problems if he shoves as you'll probably be getting the right price to call off on your draw but now are playing the draw for stacks with no fold equity. I actually like leading into the field on teh flop here, as if we take the initial betting action and get raised, it will allow us to 3-bet all in, which shows a lot of strength and carries with it some measure of fold equity to add to our hand equity.

    The trouble with check-calling here out of position is that all the cards that get us there are mostly scary to the opponent, so when he's got the hand he can make us pay to draw, but when we get there we have a hard time getting paid off. If we take an aggressive semi-bluffing line we can get some hands with a lot of equity to fold (Probably most holdings worse than QQ) and get full value of our hand equity since the money is in early.

    As played definitely lead the turn or river. Even if you're unsure on the turn, when he checks behind you can safely make a value bet on the river.
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      Yeah leading the flop was something I tought about, but just didn't know if I wanted to play this hand for stacks. But as you explained, leading the flop, allowing him to raise and giving us a changse to 3bet AI with the NFD, AK and a ton of fold equity is definitely a line I will take the next time I'm in such situation.

      Also the river value bet is just something I definitely will do next time.



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        With the nut flush draw and 2 overs, you should generally be prepared to play for stacks.
        Whether you go for the donk-lead, looking to 3-bet shove, or check-raise, you have a ton of equity against villain's range, and will also quite often get him to fold a pair when you essentially have the "nut air".
        It might surprise you to know that if villain has 2 red queens, he's actually the underdog in this situation. A set of jacks would have you in bad shape, but you can still suck out a flush or backdoor straight.
        Against a range of TT+, AJs, AJo, you've got 44.4% equity, so with all that dead money sitting out there and a bunch of fold equity from the weakest part of villain's range, getting it in looks good.

        As played, you have to feel comfortable on the river, as villain checked the ace turn. It looks like he has QQ, so I'd make a small river bet hoping he'll make a crying call.
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