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5nl Zoom - JJ OTB. Cbet? River decision?

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  • 5nl Zoom - JJ OTB. Cbet? River decision?

    The original raiser is this hand is an unknown, the caller is a fish but unfortunately he folded preflop. So firstly, my 3bet pre seems pretty standard. However would it have been okay to call given that there is a fish in the pot? I decided to cbet the flop but I think this is a mistake as I don't think I am ahead of anything that calls, therefore I'm turning JJ into a bluff in a 3bet pot when I have showdown value. Would it have been better to check back? Once he calls I decided to shut down in hopes of hitting my flush on the river. Luckily I do and he leads for half pot, calling is the first thing to cross my mind but given that I have the second nuts is it okay to shove for value here? Cheers Oliver
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    Hi Oliver,

    I actually don't like 3-betting here, this is a situation I would lean towards flatting, for 2 reasons: 1) we want to keep the fish in the pot and play in position against him, and 2) vs. an unknown I have no idea how to respond to a 4-bet with JJ. Plus bloating the pot further reduces our positional advantage.

    C-betting the flop is fine, it's possible you can get called by TT or 99 peeling once, or make KK or QQ fold (although KK probably 4-bets you pre). We don't know which it is since the villain is unknown, but I would generally follow through with a bet after 3-betting pre in this spot. If you do check back the flop, you have to be prepared to continue on the turn if he bets, what's your plan then for checking back the flop? Have one before you do it.

    Definitely am checking back the turn and taking a free card here, and never shoving the 2nd nuts over his river bet, just calling down. About the only worse hand you have any hope of getting called by is TT with the Ts, and even that might bet/fold to a shove since your hand is face up as QQ or JJ with the spades.
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